Best Deals From Rhoddys:This is For You, Get One of These Stylish Shirt and Enjoy 10% Discount

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Hello everyone on Steemit, and I'm excited to share the news of a special Christmas discount sales. It's been a fantastic seven months of doing business on Steemit, and as the year draws to a close, I've decided to offer great discounts to anyone interested in purchasing from me.

You can't end the year without getting something special for that important person in your life, as well as something special for yourself, because you are unique. These Stylish Zaraman shirts will look great on anyone, and I'm confident they'll be the nicest gift you can give to someone special.

Rhoddys is offering a 10% discount to help you buy the shirt for less while saving money for yourself. The discount sales will continue until Christmas, and I encourage you to take advantage of them and buy more.










Original Price
Price After 10% Discount-In Cedis
Price After 10% Discount In Steem
100 Ghana Cedis = 39 Steem
90 Ghana Cedis
35.12 Steem

Note: Price stated in Steem will be updated when price in Steem changes to match the price stated in cedis.

Rhoddys offers nationwide delivery for a small fee. In order to help you buy more and save more, any bulk purchase from a Ghanaian customer will be delivered free of charge.

Those who are far and near can take advantage of this Christmas discount sales and place an order now and I will be very glad to fulfill it as soon as possible.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Afenhyia Pa oooo!!!

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Nice shirts and price too look cool. I also think they are high quality fabric. I'm sure with this discount you will receive more orders this xmas.

Thank you @collinz, yes these shirts are quality and nice too. I look forward for your orders.