My new year message

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It’s a New Year… with lots of great expectations.
The previous year has been hectic for some and for others it was their best…

No matter how you felt the previous year, it doesn’t affect what happens in this year. I like to break the chain down to months then to weeks and finally days.

Sometimes it’s better to ignore the fact that it’s a new year and acknowledge the fact that it’s a new month Instead… that’s more clearer..

A year is too broad to count on.. what about the weeks in a month… and the days in the weeks…

A wise man once said… “live every single moment like it’s your last..”

Taking a whole day.., measure the worth of that day…
What value did the day add to your life?
Positive or negative?

How’s the value going to affect your planned goals for the next coming weeks.. and the next coming months…then finally to this new year you are so happy about…

How does every single moment contribute towards your goals for this new year?

And have you already made a mistake that could jeopardize your plans for the whole year or even month..

Relax… you can make thinks right.

If things are already right… be sure to keep it right..
Just note 📝.. “ Somethings just take time and somethings just stay broken”… But even when broken, can be made whole again..

Keep it right… and the good Lord is going to do the rest for you… just trust in him

Think about it…

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