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Good day Steemians. I hope y’all doing okay.
I just attempted to write a short poem, and I'd like everyone to tell me how it sounds, haha.


The cycle of life begins
The clock is ticking
Through the dawn of age
Our growth as that of a mammal
Gradually embracing humanity
Norms and ethics become our backbone
A journey we need to embark alone
With only a solid foundation
To achieve goals



We are passing though
It is passing through us
A forced system
Competing for survival
Mesmerized by the beauties around
Slowly decoying us
Failing to realize what is at hand
We are out of time
Rushing to complete what is unfinished
As the clock strikes
Prepared or not
A quick glance at what’s achieved

Remembering our lives are ephemeron

To the attention of @njaywan @oppongk @nattybongo @mcsamm
Thank you

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Beautiful write up.

Thank you mate🤝

Well written 👍

Thank you bro

U welcome