Application as a Country Representatives for Ghana

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I joined this family last year. For a year I thought I had no hopes. This family helped and pushed me to the top. You people made me realize it isn’t about what you think you are but when you have the right people around you, you can do greatness. This is what Steemit has been and I think it’s time to serve Steemit in my country.


The role of a county representative is already known and I understand widely what they do. From our hardworking representatives, they have done great things. Their selfless duties have made me see it’s also a way of serving and helping Steemit grow.


Promoting Steemit isn’t something new to me. On my journey on Steemit, I have been on a crusade of increasing the Steemit numbers. Not only quantity but also quality. I have helped people develop their talent for writing. Not meaning all, we can use @paulandam as a case study. I will do more when it comes to that.



With experience on Steemit. What I can say is not how long you have been on the blockchain that gives you experience but how consistent and hardworking you are on the platform. I have been in the ecosystem for a year and some months now. Not that I am doing well but I have done my best to always stay consistent. This has given me the chance to learn new things and also unlearn the things I came to understand it isn’t true about the blockchain. I will say I have more experience to carry on with the duties.



English is what we speak well in Ghana. I have been into education for a lot and I have mastered not anything but the understanding and interpretation of the English Language. I have that understanding. Talking about my SP, I have about 1000 SP and I delegate some to support steem-ghana. My reputation is also growing but currently at 64. We have done our part in the steem-ghana community and we wish to do more if we can be successful in becoming the country representative for Ghana. Voting is supported. I’ve always been on my mark in supporting steemians even if not Ghanaians. Club5050 is what I do. Not that I haven’t considered moving to Club75 or club100 but conditions have not been easy but will push to the near level very soon. It’s part of the plans. I’m just waiting to implement it.


Contests in the community have always been a pleasure in participating in. I’ve won quite a number even though it isn’t easy to win. Commenting is key and I have played a role as some part in this community.



A leader isn’t born. But leaders are made from selflessness. A good follower becomes a better leader but a good and experienced follower becomes a passionate leader. I will say I will be a passionate country representative for Ghana. Our leaders have the experience to coach and do things. But I will say, a young and energetic guy like me would not only be a leader to them but a motivation to them to stay active. Consistency has been a key principle in the life of every steemian either old or new. I will do my best to stay in line in all aspects to coach., advice, and also my best for our people to always be in line.

This is my application to be a country representative for Ghana. I hope I sail through.

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Best of luck

Thanks buddy

Nice to see you here, I hope you become one of the country representatives

Thanks buddy.

I think you will make a fine country Rep, all the best bro🙏

Thank you very much.

I like your the fact that you are consistent and dedicated to the Steem Ghana community. You've got my support for the position

Thanks buddy. It’s a journey we will have to take together ❤️

Good luck buddy.
We got you.

I believe I joined much earlier than you and when you joined I was one of the people who read your achievement one.

You have much enthusiasm for the blockchain and I must say that I am not surprised that you have applied for the country rep role.

For the past months I have seen how selfless and self motivated you have been on the steemit ecosystem even when a lot of people where giving up on the platform mainly because of the new rules that were implemented. You showed and still continue to show that you have a believe in the system and I think that has paid of hugely.

I think it will be well deserved if you are given a chance to show what you can do to help all of us.

I wish you luck.

Thank you very much. You have always been part of the journey. The motivation have always been a distance one form your posts and what you comment both on my posts and others.

You have been great in this journey of mine too. Thanks for the words. Hope we get there.

Wishing you success

Thank you dear.🤩

You are one of my favorite steemians. Your writing skills, engagement,
commitment and consistency are commendable. I wish you the very in this contest

Thank you

Best of luck mate, i hope you are chosen to represent ghana
Steem on

Thanks brother

You welcome bro

This is interesting, just as you said, leaders are made by selfless desires
I wish you the best

Thanks dear

Un gran saludo amigo @pandev.
Ser un Representante de País es una verdadera responsabilidad. Muchas cosas sobre los hombros, una pila de trabajo por hacer.

Segurod eque si puede con eso y más.

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Thank you boss. Im grateful