The Diary Game|| My Saturday(Weekend) Activity|| by @noraandy

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Hello beautiful people of @SteemGhana community. I hope this post meets you well and you had a great being that it's the weekend. Alot of activities happen during the weekends. Other than the fact that its the period of death and resurrection of Christ(Easter period).

I had a nice morning, waking up to run around for my friend's white wedding today. It's an occasion we have planned in over 2 months. So, today was the main day. I woke up with happiness today. Quickly had my shower and headed out. It was quite stressful for me but i finally got to the church to witness my friend's holy matrimony joining.


The wedding was a huge success, then we headed out for the reception while i took a photo of the couples because they were so cute. Meanwhile, others were also taking photos of them too.


I practically danced, laughed, and merry with my friends. I still got to see few of my old time friends. I returned home and had to just shower and rest because my legs were paining me. I had a stressful but fun filled day, i hope yours was fun filled too.

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The joy of joining two people together.

Thanks for sharing

Yes, its really nice to see them all happy. Thanks for going through my post.

It is a pleasure


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Awesome. Congratulations to them

Thanks alot.