The Diary Game || My Monday Activities|| by @noraandy

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Hello Steemians, i hope we all had a good day and a good start for the new week. But first, happy new week. I'm always excited about new weeks because it gets positive. I wake up with motivations.



I stood up this morning with praises on my lips. Got to do my morning routine of business. Had my breakfast which was noodles with low medium heat chicken that was prepared by my mother. I mean, i couldn't resist it,i had to use it in my noodles.



I finally decided on the hair i wanted to make, so i did head out to the salon to have my hair fixed. I chosed braids because I've not done braids in a long while now, so i can say i missed it.


I took this shot while i was being braided, lucky me, i had a helping hands so i could leave on time. And the after math was pretty amazing. I couldn't stop admiring my new hair do. It made me look beautiful.



I got home from making my hair and had a lot of time to fix up other things for myself. I hope we all had a nice day.

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I hope you had amazing hairdo. Thank you for sharing. Thry are nice pictures anyway


@juzkid upvoted you 😄🎉🎉

I am craving for your noodles. Nice hair style, nice pictures . Thank you for taking us through your day

I wouldn't mind sharing my noodles with you. Thank you for going through my day.

Really? I can't wait for such opportunity. You are welcome

You made me hungry at 23:21 hours. Where am I going to get food now.
Nice day and steel on.

OMG!!! I'm really sorry about that, don't worry next time i will send your share to you.

Don't worry, continue to share with us

You really had a wonderful day, thank you for sharing

Yes i did. But thank you for reading through my post.

🤣🤣🤣🤣why is it sometimes so difficult for you ladies to make those choices some time?

🤣🤣🤣🤣indecision is in our DNA

No doubt about that 😂😂😂