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It's a great pleasure to be in this awesome community once again. As we all know the trending thing on the platform lately is club5050. A lot has joined while some are yet to join. Well, I will be sharing how the club has impacted me so far in this contest.......


My Club5050 Impact

#club5050 initiative started just in the month of October. I knew of the club through my visit on the Steemit blog. The initiative got me so well because I don't promote power up. Following the rules guiding the club, I gave myself a second thought on how to go about it. It got to a time that I discovered a lot of persons has joined the club but still, I was too afraid to do so because I seriously love the old pattern before the club5050 initiative. After about 2weeks of the initiative, I told myself to join the club and benefit form it just like others are doing. I joined the club and I really noticed the impact it has made in my life and my journey on Steemit.


Club5050 Impact On My Steemit Journey And My Life Generally

A lot has happened since the club505 initiative. I have developed a whole lot of skills lately.

I have learnt to save since the #club5050 started. Savings is actually a good way to gather during summer and then enjoy during winter. I have done a lot of researches and discovered that 99% of the rich ones become richer through saving. It is quite unfortunate that in Nigeria, we don't have the saving spirit and it doesn't help us at all. That is why the rich gets richer and the poor has refused to become rich.

Steemit has impacted the spirit of savings into my life and I actually love the spirit. This has also extended to my physical business in which I now save up a whole lot of money..


#club5050 has encouraged me through some ways here on Steemit and in my life too. The period I joined the club, I discovered that most persons I look up to are not only in the club but are also getting upvotes through steady posting. I got encouraged to follow the steps of those in the club. I guess I would have remained my usual self if this club was never initiated. The club also encouraged me to do more in my Promotional activities. In my place of work they always refer to me as steemit. It has turned part of me. All thanks to the Steemit blog for the initiative, it has impacted in me and also to a lot of person too...


Thank you all for visiting my blog.....

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"Steemit has impacted the spirit of savings into my life and I actually love the spirit. This has also extended to my physical business in which I now save up a whole lot of money..

This is true, great impact had Steemit brought to us.

Talking about how it doesn't favour some country like Nigeria it's true. This is due the fact that many countries in Africa are in financial crisis.

But things will definitely work. Thanks so much for your good write up.

nice write up

Great enteybdesr..wish you all the very best..I hope this initiative continue to impact your life on the blockchain

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I appreciate....

The pleasure is all mine

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Thank you so much.....