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Hello guys,

How are are we all doing today? It is a pleasure to come your way once again today with another set of lessons for the blockchain.


The things I would be saying or recommending here are strictly out of my own personal experience over the few years I’ve been here and my work as a leader.

I do hope it guides someone out there especially with newbies so they are able to do things right and find their feet and stay in the blockchain as long as it exists.

Things you need to know

It is quite crucial that when we become steemians we don’t just rush to sign up every person we meet. We need to be particular about how we go about things so our newbies don’t end up becoming burdens on us.


The truth is when you sign someone up on the blockchain you one way or the other feel obligated to help them survive in the blockchain lest the things you may have talked about seems untrue.

It is important to know that the blockchain is not yours and that no one actually owes you an upvote or any favors. You need to know that you ought to do what you ought to do to survive and it when you can come to know and understand this that you can explain better to others.

You need to the basic rules of the blockchain because when you bring someone onboard their foundation will determine whether they survive or not, individuals who don’t get a good foundation end up plagiarism and when they are caught everything comes crushing down for them and hardly are they able to survive.

They give up altogether and things don’t really go well. You need to also understand the blockchain and the leaders that govern it, you need to know the various avenues by which one could earn through the participation of various tasks, contests, assignments etc. Because these are the ways by which you can guide others to also make it.

What you need to do

And so if you haven’t finished up your achievements take please do before you sign someone up, if not for anything be sure to have completed achievement 4 which makes you eligible to give cryptoacademy a try.


The next one I am thus going to talk about automatically falls with cryptoacademy. If you haven’t give it a try, there are many others who only focus on crypto academy and they are having a good time on the blockchain learning and improving.

If you have atleast tried it before then you may be able to tell where to guide your newbie too in terms of their strengths and perhaps abilities and capabilities and background.

You must do well to have participated in some contest also so you can guide your newbies to participate. I would also recommend or advise that you are part of either club5050, club75 or club100 that way you inculcate this habit into your newbie from the word go.

The last thing I am going to talk about is your consistency, before you signup someone be sure to know that you yourself is consistent in the blockchain. For the person you sign up would automatically become a mentee to you and the things you do would be the things they do.



I do hope that the ideas or lessons shared here would go a long way to help others on their path to promote steem to the world. Thanks for your time and thanks for reading.

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Thank you for the education

Thanks for reading