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Hello fellow steemians, I deem it a great pleasure to present my views on this noble contest from this noble community; may God bless it. And hope all is good as I am.

A steemian is a steemit account holder, who follows the rules and regulations of the blockchain, being consistent, post good content, and eschew from plagiarism. Everybody can be a steemian, it doesn’t have any qualities or criteria, if only you have the passion to write or blog on realistic content.
There are lot of things or qualities that defines a steemian; but for the sake of this contest I will give three. Which is; being active and consistent, posting good content though every post is good but tangible ones, and being patient and willing to help others grow. This is what I will be writing on;

To begin with, every steemit account holder must be active and consistent in the sense that not just being on steemit, but viewing other’s posts, commenting, voting, and making post. Every steemian ought to be a regular post maker, not once a month or twice. At least should complete the achievement 4.
A steemian is one who always have an active post within every 7 days.

Furthermore, a steemian is one who write good comment, in the sense that, a post which is meaningful and captivating. Not just write anything that comes in mind, though it’s not bad too, cause it’s not easy to write a post.
A steemian is one who tries to write post that will make steem ecosystem interesting but not plagiarist post that makes admins furious.

Moreover, a steemian must be willing and ready to help the newbie grow. A good steemit account holder is always ready and willing to help new comers accomplish their achievement post and guide them through certain procedures, and is always willing to vote for them. A steemian doesn’t withdraw anyhow from steemit but rather power up, thus, invest in it to help others grow and also earn.
A steemian is patient in the sense that, they keep trying and never quit; Because we know it’s not easy to get votes nowadays so it makes newbies give up and think it’s a waste of time.

A steemian always finds passion in steemit as I am. It’s not the matter of getting money but what we learn from it; and the skills we derive as we pass through the achievement post.

Thanks for the time and attention; I really appreciate. And thanks to @steemghana.

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Yes, a Steemian should be willing to save not cashing out everything


Thanks for your entry into the contest. My pleasure 😃.

You are welcome…🙏🏾🙏🏾

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Thank you @oppongk…🙏🏾🙏🏾


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