The Diary Game, 23/01/2022: My First Sunday Activities In School.

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Hello fellow steemians, it’s been a while, and I come your way with my Sunday activities. Hope you are doing good as I am. May the Almighty Allah help us and ease our daily task for us.

I woke up healthy this morning, though it was late cause I missed the early dawn prayer(Fajr). I woke up at 6:35 am, said my prayers and went to bed again. Cause I didn’t sleep early last night.
I woke up again at 8:15 am. Went and brush my teeth and on my mobile data to check some messages, cause I was having some business with one guy.

I was in my phone till 9:10 am, I visited the washroom, after which I had some home workouts.

7A7A9F5C-184A-4355-B1EB-87F83FE034AE.jpegHome workouts

I had my bath at 10:45 am, and did some business negotiations with a friend. He wanted a smock. Sent some to school when I was going back.

884698EE-3712-4C61-9DE3-BF6343F0AFEC.jpegBusiness with a friend

I finished with him at 12:10 pm. Went to a friends place (Zaid), with Abubakar. When we got Yh we e, we said our afternoon prayer and I helped Abubakar to apply his scholarship, cause he was a fresher so he knew nothing about those things.
We cooked some food at his place. Afer eating, we said our Asr.

33D379D1-E49E-4FD6-B82F-A9616ABEA8F8.jpegCooking time

We had some discussions about life and how university life is with Abubakar(the fresher). It was 6:15pm in the evening, we went for the Maghreb prayer. After which we left to visit a friend at Tutuka in Obuasi. We left there at 9:30 pm.
I went home, had some bath and took my phone to see what’s going on on the globe.

That’s how my day went. Thanks for the time and attention. I really appreciate. 🙏🏾

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Your dairy game is too nice and best work by you

Thank you 🙏🏾