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Buying and selling has become part and parcel of us. we cant do without it. However, in all angles of our life there are businesses around us. Either large scale or small scale businesses. We all engage in businesses; either physically or digitally. We see business owners; they all started somewhere. Like Microsoft, McDonalds etc. They were all startups. And this startups is what we term as Entrepreneurship.
One may ask what entrepreneurship is, who is an entrepreneur, and how to become an entrepreneur.

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Entrepreneurship is the act of setting up or starting a business in order to generate income or make profit. Everybody can be an entrepreneur. There is no qualification or certificate in order to become an entrepreneur.
A woman who is able start her own business is an entrepreneur. Whether she sells rice in the market or pure water, she is an entrepreneur. Hence everybody can be an entrepreneur.
So the question is. What impedes us from becoming one?

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If I can remember. Some months ago our Financial Secretary came out to tell us that Government payroll is full. Hence graduate and the youth should engage in entrepreneurship. And with this Ghanaians started bombarding the government and his Financial Secretary.
You see, I think the problem with us is Risk taking. Not that they lack they knowledge or skills. Though they are key factors. I don’t think entrepreneurship can necessarily be learnt in school. Everybody can be an entrepreneur.

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Mymaster selling a smock to a customer. Though he doesnt have any cert or qualification.

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How many young people have you seen on the street or in stores selling their own products? Be it second hand clothing, sandals, shoes, napkins etc. The only thing they need is some little Marketing skills and how to save their profits in order to plough back. Though most of them know all this than a University graduate.

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Can you believe we have University graduates who can’t think on their own to come out with a good business idea. So at tines I don’t see success to necessarily be in school. I don’t think salary alone can suffice us.
Let’s learn to engage in business, take risk and learn to cut down our expenses in order to save and generate our start up capital. Though we can get it from banks and investors.

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Taking entrepreneurial courses is very good. But to achieve from it, it depends on the individuals mind set. What his goals are and the velocity of which he/she determines to achieve it.
Lets learn to start our own.

Thank you for the time and attention. I really appreciate>

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