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Every human being want to be acknowledged for what he does to others, no human being would want to help a person who is ungrateful. Hence it’s a means of showing gratitude and respect to others for what has being done.

One may ask what contentment is?
Contentment is the act of being grateful and happy or okay with what one have. To be content to appreciate what you have or what you have been given.

Many people lack this, and that’s where their source of sadness, loneliness, poverty and alleviation comes from. When you are not grateful for what you have you can never be happy, you will always complain even if they give you tens of what you have.
The Almighty God even frowns against it; in the Holy Qur’an the Almighty Allah says;

And He found you poor, and made you rich(self sufficient with self contentment etc)
Holy Qur’an chapter 99 verse 8.

Here Allah(SWT) informs the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) the favors He bestowed on him(SAW), though the Prophet wasn’t the wealthiest man in Makkah but was self contented, he was always grateful for what He(SWT) gave him so Allah added him more.

Without self contentment you will always be miserable, you will always see others to better than you even if they gather all the wealth in this world for you.
That’s why Imam Ali(RA) said:

There is no treasure richer than contentment.
Imam Ali

And the Holy Bible also says:

But godliness with contentment is great grain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.
Holy Bible, Timothy 6:6-12.

When you are grateful and appreciate what you have, even Elon Musk or Bill Gate will not be happy more than you.
Contentment is a key means to happiness; happiness is something we can’t buy but can create. And being contented is the way or what can be used to create happiness.

Thank you for the time and attention. I really appreciate..☺️

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