#CLUB5050: Factors That Underlines, Defines Or Marks A Good Steemian

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The most important asset of a good steemian is the passion to be on the blockchain. A good steemian must be embodied with passion.
Every formed organization or institution that survives and becomes deeply rooted has passion-driven members. The members in that institution eat the food of passion and that is what builds the institution. A good steemian must be passion-oriented about his or her steem-life, because it is what carries him or her through to become a great steem.


A good steemian must produce lucid, tenable, well-found and educative content that can feed his or her community well. Every Community on the blockchain has information that it requests from its members. It is what holds the community as belonging to either steem-ghana, steem-enterprenuers, steem-promo, steem-kitchen, account booster etc. A good steemian must know what he or she is required to ***feed *** his or her community with, so that, the information can help members belonging to that different discourse know the community's domain function.


A good steemian should be willing to work with others. He or she should have a magnetic steem-life that attracts and influence people positively on the blockchain. A good steemian must use his or her growth to attract other steemians, so that, they can also work hard to attain such greater heights.


A good steemian must attend steem-promo in order to feed the community with lots of newbies. Every community that has lots of active newbies have great foundation and future.

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Must be active and not to rest on his or her laurels. He or she must empower and teach others to move along. He or she should have a magnetic steem-life that attracts and influence people positively on the blockchain. A good steemian must use his or her growth to attract other steemians, so that, they can also work hard to attain such greater height.A good steemian is not selfish but rather selfless and should be willing to sacrifice for others to grow. Sacrifice in the extent of using his experience and growth to write posts to educate members.


A steemian is marked as good when he or she is able to delegate power from time to time to support community business and growth. He or she must care about his or her community and witness it grow from time to time. Just as the community grow, members in the community also grow.


A good steemian uses enough ingredients, facts and research products to enrich his or her write-up. Every writing has a purpose and a good steemian's write-up should be intended to reach the importance of academic writing (entertain, correct, instruct, inform, structure and impact). His or her writings should be devoid of plagiarism. He or she must use appropriate markdowns to enrich graphics and to give his or her work an aesthetic attribute.


Last, a good steemian should frequently visit community platforms and stemitblog for updates on trending issues and future outcomes. It is undoubted that a steemian who pays attention to instruction becomes broad-minded and not myopic on matters that trends on the platforms. A good steemian pays attention to instruction on the stemitblog, steem-ghana platform, and other communities he or she joins.

To conclude, it is not only about being a steemian but the quality of being a good one.


Thanks yo @steem-ghana for hosting this great contest on this great platform to help test how members on this community are acquainted with the steembloq markdowns. And thanks to all the admins. Kudos.

But what I have to add to this factors is Plagiarism. A good and quality steemian must not copy or use others posts or content without acknowledging them. Thus referencing or citing the source of the writing.
For instance, recently such act popped up in this community. Many people don't know the rules against it. Hence, plagiarism, it rules and consequences must be communicated more properly to the newly joined steemians.

plagiarism act.jpeg

And when it comes to great steemians or leaders who have this magnetic steem life, I will commend @njaywan for the great work done always. He really motivates me, perhaps others too. He comments, upvote and resteem newly joined steemians post on this platform.

One thing I really want to add or bring to the notice of the community admins and the whole b; blockchain in general is, they should help the younger ones grow.
Many have joined the blockchain and left because no one supports them. Though one of the rules i is to create good content, but many have tried and their efforts have not been valued or recognized.
But to my fellow steemians, lets keep up the good work and push harder. It will surely be good one day. Consistency, punctuality, and creativity will surely bring us ti brighter side of the blockchain. Be Optimistic

Thanks to @steemghana once again, I really appreciate the efforts. Kudos.

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Hi! thank you to you for this wonderful entry. In fact, you have demonstrated knowledge of markdowns. It looks pleasant. Thank you for your entry dear friend. I wish you well.


Tha m you very much …🙏🏾🙏🏾

Indeed plagiarism is a very unauthorized act on the block chain. Great entry and all the best in the contest

Thank you…🙏🏾