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Hello everyone, I trust you are all doing great. I welcome you all to my blog. Today is a wonderful day and I am here with a power up post to share with you all.

Powering up our steem is the best way of sustaining and maintaining steemit ecosystem. The steemit team introducing these wonderful club status is a very amazing initiative that has encouraged users of steemit platform to always power up their steems to be eligible for a club status and this is helping keep steem alive.

Steem ecosystem will grow and become great if there more power ups that are been done by users of the platform and this is what is encouraging and engaging me to always power up my steem to be eligible for a club status and to keep steem ecosystem running. Today I be powering up 50 steem in my wallet to make me eligible for a club status.

Ever since the club status initiative was introduced, I have powered up every little steem I have in my wallet. Below are the steps I follow to achieve my power up.

  • I had an amount of 655 steem power and 90 steem in my wallet. I followed the procedures by first tapping on steem > power up.
  • I entered the total amount of steem in my wallet which was 50 steem.
  • I confirm the power up process by tapping on ok
  • I now have a total steem power of 705 steem power in my wallet.

This is a stepping stone for me and with time and more support I will soon join the other clubs. With how bad the steem market is, this is the right time to power up more of your steem to maintain and sustain steem ecosystem.

I am going to use this opportunity to encourage colleagues users of steemit platform to come together let’s power up more steem. It shouldn’t matter the number of steem you have in your wallet, just involve ourselves in powering up our steem. Thank you for your time. Stay safe☺️

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