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Good day to my fellow steemians and the great @steem-ghana community on the steemit platform. I come your way today to share with you what the leaders of this platform can do to sustain the current active members on the platform and what they can also to increase community engagement by encouraging the inactive members to start being active in the community.

We can all see that the steem ghana community is one of the fastest growing and most active community on the steemit platform, but it is very saddening to know that the active members in the community are not even up to one third of the total subscribers. I think we all should be worried but not only the leaders in the community. The reason being that, without our cooperation and assistance the leaders cannot maintain or sustain the community.

For me, I think there are some things the leaders as well as the whole community members should start doing in order to sustain the active members and also revive the inactive members. Below is a detailed discussion on how to tackle this issue before us.

1). Increase community engagement

For the past few months, I made a personal observation on the activities going on in this great community and I can say that the community is really working very hard for the betterment of its members. Leaders engaging with members of the community is great and I would like to use this opportunity to say a very big thank you to all the leaders who are working their ass off for the betterment of the community.

Although the engagement is encouraging, but I would like to let the leaders know that all the good works they are doing would pay off one day and they keep on with the hardwork. I am using this medium to encourage them to keep engaging their members in order to motivate them to continue steeming.

Sometimes it's not about the votes, but it feels right and good to see community leaders reading and commenting on your post. This only can be a big motivation for someone to continue posting good contents in the community.

2). Guide as to how the platform works

If the community leaders can observe and make their investigations, they would realize that most of the inactive members in the community are mostly newcomers or newbies who just jOined the platform. This newbies sometimes finds it difficult to navigate through the steemit platform and other communities.

So I think that, there should be a special guide which will be made available to assist the newbies as to how to go by the activities in the Steemit ecosystem and the steem ghana community. This newbies also need some kind of support mostly through advice and we can do so by always voting and commenting on their post.

3). Incentives or special package to active members

I will also suggest that the leaders of the community should once in a while reward the most active members in the group to be sort of motivation to them. I believe with this, even inactive members will start being vibrant in the community because they will also want to be rewarded and recognized.

Leaders can decide to reward the most active members for every month by giving them some special packages to strengthen them to keep posting. We can decide to choose either 10 or 5 most active members to be benefiting from this initiative.

4). Receiving upvotes

Before I would discuss about this, I would like to encourage all members to develop the habit of powering up the earnings they are making from their post in order to vote on others post. Our vote weight is determined by the Steem power an individual have in his wallet. The higher your steem power, the higher your vote weight and vice versa.

As members of this great community, I will encourage each of us to develop the habit of reading other users contents and help them by giving them our votes. The votes they receive is also a sort of motivation to them because it will make them to continue writing good and quality contents into the community.

The growth and success of a community do not only depends on the numbers or members in the community but on the activeness and how engaging these members are. We all want this community to become the most powerful and resourceful community on the steemit ecosystem and we can only do that by supporting each other, building our steem power and also trying as much as possible to always be active.

I would stop here and I hope that the suggestions I gave would be taken into consideration.

Thank you.

Cc: @oppongk

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Those are good points you’ve highlighted especially monthly special package for active member. We all need motivations at some point in our lives to get us going

That's correct boss.

Your points are very self explanatory and i love them all. All the best in the contest @lukma1

Thank you so much sis. I'm grateful for your support. May you be blessed

You are welcome

I love your points because is clearly stated out, i wish you the very best in this contest

Thank you boss. Hoping to read your entry too😊

I have dropped mine, read and feel the cruise and using this medium to wish ourselves all the best in this contest

Good opinions you have here. Good luck on your entry

Thank you boss. Thanks for the support.