Don’t Sell Your Soul. Buy Your Heart Instead.

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Do you ever wonder why such a big amount of people feel so lost and confused?

Why such a big amount of people lack meaning in our lives?

Why do some people Sell their Soul ?

Not all people sell their soul, a number of us loose it, others have it stolen from them.

This is for those that do sell it, for people who trade their soul for money, comfort or approval.
In this process, they furnish up one amongst the deepest aspects of themselves.

What Is Your Soul?

Our soul is experiences jointly of the deepest aspects of our personalities. One that goes beyond the ego; meaning that it goes well beyond our body, thoughts and emotions.

Our soul is that the signature of our being. It's the space and form we are meant to fill during this world.

Our soul may be seen as our reason to be here, the explanation why we are alive.

Your soul is your deepest passion, the place from which your true gift and skills arise.

What is NOT Your Soul?

Your soul isn't your name, or your job, or your relationships.
It is not the country you reside in or your favorite sports team.

Your soul isn't God. God is spirit, the spirit altogether folks.
We all have souls and that we all have spirit in us, but these are two various things.

How Do People Lose Their Soul?

Some people were confronted with big trauma. This might have manifested in abusive parents, a sudden loss at an early age, or a disease.

However, the method of soul loss, a bit like the method of soul retrieval, is constant.

The soul could be a multi-dimensional entity which will flow in and out of our being. Sort of a friendly ghost.

The soul speaks through our heart, with the foremost subtle voice. After we don’t hear our heart, we don’t hear our soul.

When we don’t hear our soul. It slowly leaves us, leaving an empty space that's often crammed with addictions, food, sex, entertainment, depression, anxiety, fear and every one forms of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disease.

Once our soul leaves, we are lost, without the power to work out and know ourselves, our meaning and our purpose in life.
This often happens unconsciously throughout our lives.

Some people sell whatever they need left of their soul to pursue employment they don’t love, or a relationship that's unhealthy, or the eye of Instagram Facebook and yes, even Steemit followers.

How to Gain Your Soul Back?

To regain your soul you want to buy your heart, but your heart isn't purchased with money.

Your heart is purchased amorously. You need to love yourself to be with yourself.
When you return to yourself your heart will begin to talk to you again and you'll be ready to listen.

Once you begin hearing your heart, it'll then show you the way back to your soul.

NB: Don't Sell Your Soul.

Thanks for reading.

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