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Hello Steemit Team


With reference to the advertisement on @steemitblog by the Steemit Team, for the need of country representatives, on 14th June, 2022., I wish to submit my entry for the position as a country representative for Ghana for you to peruse through. I am humbled and gladdened to be given such an opportunity.


My name is Badu Justice Atta, I am popularly known as @juzkid on the steemit blockchain. I am a teacher of English in Nsutaman Senior High. I live permanently in Ghana.

I joined steemit in January, 2018. I am a #club100 initiative and a promoter as well, this is often seen in the introduction of most of my posts. I have been very consistent and dedicated on the @steem-ghana platform for a very long time, and also sent my works through other platforms to the Steemit World.


Currently, I have a steem power of 3,480.68 steem. This has been possible, because from day one I joined the steemit family, I have not made any cash out on my earnings. I frequently power up all my earnings in order to remain relevant and also support the steem economy. Since I was already doing the power up before the club initiative, the inception of the initiative was and is a boost for my growth and a dream come through as well. I am a born writer and steemit has given me the opportunity to carry my works to the world. As I speak, I am on a reputation of 65 and still optimistic to reach heights.


My works, passion and dedication have impacted on the lives of steemians on the blockchain. Currently, steemians on the @steem-ghana platform make mention of me anything they post to the community. This is because, I always make sure to vote on almost every quality post and comment on them, in order to encourage old steemians and newbies to steem on. Due to this, I have gained rapport with friends across the world, which @ruthjoe, @samuel20, steemians from Nigeria and other steemians across the world.

Each day, I make sure I feed my account with not less than two posts and always try to reach out to all the posts I come across before the day closes.

I believe in the philosophy of team work and unity. I am a brain behind the @amazing-ghana community. I wanted to widen the scope of the Ghanaian culture and preach on it for the world to hear about the roots of the Ghanaian culture and how amazing it is. I then spoke with @elliamor1, @sarkodieeric1 and @kookd and together, we brought Amazing Ghana, with our introductory post written by me. There wasn't any restrictions to only Ghanaian culture, but all other cultures and experiences were invited. As I speak, I am very active on the platform and have brought a lot of steemians to the community due to my amiability, hospitality and credibility. The question here is, why will someone write in a community that has little steem power? But I make my possible best to bring people on deck each day. I make sure I visit, comment, read and invite steemians, old and new, to the community with the community's account and my personal account as well. Among some steemians that have come to visit the community are @anas354, @kubati, @lanegra2804 to mention but a few. I have tried to make it a great community and I am poised with determination, that it will reach heights.

In the area of supporting steemit agenda, I have produced a lot of posts to support club initiatives. I have also written posts and pinned it on @amazing-ghana in order to attract and survive the community. Which I believe has motivated steemians to power up their earnings to stay relevant and to support the steem economy.

Some club initiative posts

Club Initiatives Post
Club Initiative Post
Club Initiative Post On Amazing Ghana

Some Posts I have Written To Feed The Amazing Ghana Community

Amazing Ghana Posts
Post Link
Post Link

Again, through @steem-ghana, I have authored many contests and selected the respective winners for the contests mainly to help sustain community, magnetize steemians to the community, and to improve community businesses. All contests organized were of success and attracted alot of steemians. In every contest, I make sure all contest posts are given the necessary attention. This has made my contests, a never to miss one, for steemians. I wouldn't like to burden your heads with alot, but here are a few to share with you.

Some contests organized on Steem Ghana and results

Contest linkResults
Contest linkResults
Contest linkResults
Contest linkResults
Contest LinkResults
Contest Link

Contests Organized On Amazing Ghana platform


I believe I very well fit for the slot of a country representative position due to my passion, tenacity, dedication and love for steem and to improve the steem economy. I have similarly participated in a lot of contests and have great records to share.

Some Contests I Have Participated

Some Contest Participated
Entry Link
Entry Link
Entry Link
Entry Link

History of my success in contests.

Contest Winners

Frankly, I take time to write my posts, research on it if demanded, cite if consulted, in order to give it the necessary aesthetics. This has attracted alot to like the way I write and has improved on their writing too

Some Of My Posts
My Town In Ten Pictures
My Town In Ten Pictures
The Diary Game

Also, I very well know I can serve as a country representative for Ghana, because I have the charisma to attract newbies and to bring old steemians who have lost taste back to the blockchain.I have brought steemians like @anas354 who lost passion to the blockchain through guidance, and together we have introduced @joy56, @prof2 @kyereprince @bmaxzi to the steemit family and ever willing to bring more. The comments under @amazing-ghana introductory post is a clear example to how I managed to attract old and new steemians to our ideas. I would like to work with the Steemit Team if granted. I have the exposure and the willing spirit.

Amazing Ghana Introductory Post Link

To conclude, I believe that a leader should know the way, go the way and most times show the way. I have commitment, passion for steemit. This makes me consistent always.

Thank you to steemcurator01, steemcurator02, to my country representatives and to every steemian for indulging me throughout my steem journey. Your act of responsibility, responsiveness and your goodwill is worth commending and are worthy of applause. I hope that this entry will receive your favourable consideration. Thank you.



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My new country rep, I don't know you but I know your work. We will all support your work.

Thank you so much. I appreciate

Thank you friend for your hard work, you deserve it. When @elliamor1 told me about you I thought it was not true till I visited your posts and confirmed it myself. Your doing a wonderful job. To me, your already a country representative

Thank you for your time and everything. We win together

A lot of convincing reason has been provided that justifies your validity for the position. All the best in the selection

Thank you so much friend

Such a great guy. A well deserved position. I always read your posts and they are always fantastic. A good and charismatic leader. You inspire and motivate people yo join and keep posting on steem. I wish you good luck

Thank you very much friend

I lost the passion to be on steemit platform in January 2018 when I joined steemit for the first time. I eventually lost my account. @juzkid tried on several occasions to convince me to rejoin steemit but I didn't listen to him. He told me the benefits and reason why I should be on this noble platform. Yet I was reluctant to join steemit again until January 2022, he guided me to sign up again. He offered the necessary guidance to write my achievement posts and I am really grateful for his kind gesture. I must say, @juzkid is a true leader, very committed, active and hard working. He always want to help others. He has demonstrated his leadership skills on steemit platform and I am confident enough that, if he is given the opportunity, he will serve steem-ghana very well. I wish you all the best of luck friend

A friend and a brother. Thank you also. We win together. Steem on!

I wish you all the best for this contest.
You deserve it bro, you have been working very hard day and night to see steem ghana grow. You have never taken anything thing from your earnings since you joint steemit. Currently, you are the most active member in Ghana. You see sometimes post about three post a day. Keep it up, you really deserve to be a country representative.

So much thank you to you. I appreciate

Wow. Such a great and experienced person you are. Ghana is actually great to have a profile of your kind in the Steemit blockchain. This position would be great for you.

I wish you the best of luck. May we see each other at the top


A big thank you to you. You are a friend indeed. I appreciate your words. We will surely meet

Much work done sir J
All the best guy

Thank you friend

I believe your works so far is what is going to push you to the top. There’s a saying in Akan, that he who climbs a good tree deserves a push and that’s what i pray for you. Good luck

Such a name @icing-shuga. I appreciate you alot. Steem on!

You have actually been great on this platform and I wish you the very best in your application.

Thank you so much friend. You are doing well as well.

It is a pleasure and I am learning from you

Jah on your side, Bro

Thank you

Good job friend, I’m very happy you made an entry into this prestigious position on the steemit blockchain. We need great people like you as leaders on this platform for it to attain its full potential. I know you’re the perfect guy for the job. Your profile says it all. Wishing you nothing but the very best of luck buddy.🤞

Thank you so much. We have never met but it looks like we are brothers. So it will be. Thank you


Sure bro😀👍

You are competent enough to be our country rep n we believe in you,you have our support and keep the good work up friend.

My new upcoming country rep. I support your work .Keep the fire burning in steemit blockchain.

Thank you friend

I totally believe in you and I know you will do great been a country rep. You have given a detail description of your self and your work so far..

I wish you all the best

Thank you for your visit Friend

I think everyone can agree that this is a position that you deserve a lot my bro.

I’ve taken time to follow you for a while and I think you are a leader and you have shown it for a long time.

The country rep position will suite you a lot and I wish you good luck.

I don't know what to say, but thank you. We win together

good luck my friend

Thank you

Congratulations on your application @juzkid. I have being reading and following your writeups since I joined this platform, and I must say, I fell in love with you the very first time. I trust you would make the Ghanaian community very interesting and interactive with your leadership qualities.

Thank you for your immense support and assistance to the newbies including myself. I hope that you will continue to nurture and mentor new members of the community.

@juzkid for country rep!

Soar High Champ!

Thank you so much friend. Thank you again

Indeed you are capable sir. Personally i have learned a lot from you, and i can testify on how much you visit posts and comment on them because, you often comment on my post. I wish you success

JIndeed you are capable sir. Personally i have learned a lot from you, and i can testify on how much you visit posts and comment on them because, you often comment on my post. I wish you success

Thank you dear friend

Man, you’ve said a lot above that earn you to be a country rep.

Per your reputation and experiences, I don't think you are just a kid (@juzkid).
I believe you will do better for the community, good luck bro.

Thank you friend. I appreciate

All the best regarding the position

Thank you friend

Good luck and May all your dreams come true.

Amen and thank you

You have presented a wonderful application, which show how committed you are to the platform, still on still i wish you the very best

A big thank you to you dear friend

You are welcome

It is good to see you as the country representative and by your hard work and your consistency on steemit community I believe by you will get there. I wish you best of luck.

Thank you so much friend

Great to see your post as our upcoming country rp, we all give you 💯% vote to be our rp.
May the Lord God be with you and give you wisdom to represent us at anytime.

Thank you so much

You are welcome

I have been thinking what is amazing Ghana, what is the different between it and steemit-ghana, reading this post has helped me.

Thank you so much for taking time to read

Thank you

very visionary leader, through his hardwork and commitment now i know steemit like a pro.
I believe in him and wish him best of luck.

Thank you

Your hard work and commitment is commendable and it is a pleasure to see your application, I wish you the very best and I know great things awaits you amongst leadership

Thank you friend

Congratulations in advance bro.... hard work and determination you have demonstrated in the community. Be great!!!😊

Thank you for your time friend