Snatched Away

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I'm trapped in the well of my own thoughts.
In my inner eye, I'm long gone from here
Detached from the stinking existence.
Carved my dreams into tightened knots
Yonder seems promising and so dear.

Mind tailors work their hand on me, vain tacking.
Pills and Portions, Therapy and Telepathy.
Worthless Worth, arises like data hacking.
Tick and tack, tick and tack, time and treasure gone!
I am my own adversary, to the world, I'm done.

I hear their whispering screams, strange but familiar.
Another set of voices sneers by with disdain.
They know I'm a psychotic time bomb yet to explode.
I let the blade bite through bleeding cut and scars, implode.
I'm doing this again, the pleasure in the pain.

My eyes can hear my nostrils laugh.
Inhale and exhale whenever star dust is near.
Only people who walk with legs in the air,
Can tell where Cumulus and Nimbostratus mate.
Like Poppy tears, a zillion years could not wait.

Take a peek into my head and behold Armageddon.
My mind solely is a glorious Titanic wreck.
My visions seem more vivid with closed eyes.
With bones as light as straw, hands turned ice,
I'm sinking deeper, far above my neck.

I'll quench my thirst with the salt of the sea.
I'll exit this monstrous sphere before it does, me.
I'll stretch my hands in those fleeting strikes as I lie
With no help, I'm comforted with my solitude.
Vida La Vida...To those who just can never die.

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To those who cannot die bro, i loved your words

thanks, bro.

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