The Diary Game: Checking on the progress of some projects

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Hello steemians

The agenda for the day was to check on the progress of some projects on the field and to take inventory so we can calculate how far we have come and then to consider the materials we need to complete what is left and when to hand over a specific project to the owner. The photos attached to this are from two different sites. One is under construction and the other is already occupied.

So to begin the day, we filled up the gas tank for our mini truck and then set off to the various site.


At the gas station

Starting our day also includes drawing plans and assigning specific people for a specific project. And since we are not only going to just check and leave we had some tools on here to get some petty jobs done at the various sites.


Vanity unit

From the gas station, we dropped some of our guys at Adjiringanor and then left to the other site at Madina lakeside Estate where we drilled holes in the granite top of the vanity unit for where the two sink bowls will sit.



walk in closet

We also checked the wardrobes for the rooms and how far we have come. Three of the wardrobes have been completed leaving the walk in closet just a inch to be completed.


Adjiringanor project

Before we ended the day, we drove back to Adjiringanor to check the progress of the work there and then pick up the other guys and left the site.

Until another day. Have fun!

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You have changed you cars sources of fuel to gas? If yes I hope that saves quite better than the usual petrol and diesel?

Some come factory built. But yes, gas is better

Ooh ok.

That is good know that it is better

What you're building looks solid, I like it. And by the way, I'm also consciously and happily driving on LPG gas. Best choice!

Sieht solide aus, was Ihr da baut, gefällt mir. Und ich fahre übrigens auch ganz bewußt und zufrieden auf LPG-Gas. Beste Wahl!

I appreciate that a lot. So tell me, why did you choose LPG over petrol?

Of course, it is cheaper, by about half. At the same time, it has the same calorific value and thus means a comparable range. LPG burns slightly hotter than petrol - the harmful residues in the engine are therefore lower. The environmental impact is significantly reduced. The mileage is significantly higher (I am currently at 365,000 kilometres) and the corresponding wear is lower.

Natürlich ist es preiswerter, etwa um die Hälfte. Dabei hat es den gleichen Brennwert und bedeutet damit eine vergleichbare Reichweite. LPG brennt etwas heißer als Benzin - die schädlichen Rückstände im Motor fallen deshalb geringer aus. Die Umweltbelastung ist deutlich reduziert. Die Laufleistung ist deutlich höher (ich bin derzeit bei 365.000 Kilometern) und der entsprechende Verschleiß geringer.

That’s super nice. Thank you for taking all the steps toward making our world a better place.

Waoow !!! Nice projects you have. It is always a delight to see how industrious some of us are. Steem on friend!

@juzkid upvoted you 😄🎉🎉🎉