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Hello everyone
I really want to share to you how my day went today.
I woke up every early this morning because today been Friday.
My mom ask me to cook some yam for her before I can go do school.

So after I finished cooking the Yam, she also send my to go and do some delivery for her.
I went and do the delivery and I came beck to prepare myself for school.
So i went to school successfully and my first class start at 8:00 am and end 9:30 am before we go for break.
And my second lesson came at 10:00am and end at 11:30am. Today school was very interesting and nice and everything went on well today at school and we closed at 1:30 pm

So people came to pick this children so after everyone came and pick their children i then I wanted go back home but our headmaster said our school was having a quiz competition with some school.
And the quiz competition was to held at dansuma radio station.
So due to that, we have to stay back so that we can prepare the students who were to represent our school in the competition.


So we we’re able to prepare the students who were to represent our school at the competition.
So everything went well and the competition was to start at 3:00 pm.
But due to the things I was having at home, i couldn’t follow them to the radio station.


So after everything, I took my motorcycle back to the house.
So when I reach home, I took my lunch and after I finished eating my lunch, i go straight to my bathroom to take a cool shower and after that,
I got dressed up because, today was market day and also, my mother sent me to the market to buy some food stuffs that we were to use and cook today’s supper.


So I was able to buy all the things She ask me to buy from the market and after I was done buying them, I came back to rest for a wail so later I can help my mom to cook.
I rest for like 3 hours and it was time for I and my mom to cook. So she ask me set fire so that We can cook.

We started cooking very early today and evening went well. And after we finished cooking, I was very tired.
And this was how my day went I hope you enjoyed reading my post?

Thank you!!!

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