#HEALTH || let’s prevent ourselves from Sexually transmitted disease(STDs)

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Hello everyone,
Is another beautiful day and we give praises and thanks to Allah for all the good things He has done for us.
I’m back again with another beautiful topic I will like to talk about and which is; Sexually transmitted disease, what causes Sexually transmitted disease, and how to prevent ourselves from Sexually transmitted disease(STDs)




Sexually transmitted disease


Sexually transmitted disease: this simply means that, they are diseases that human beings are gotten it from any sexual related activities. They are a lot of sexual transmitted diseases And some of example of these diseases are as follows;

  • Gonorrhea,
  • Chlamydia
  • Syphilis
  • Trichomoniasis

And all diseases are really not good when one is infected with it. Some of these diseases are deadly honestly and I’m saying deadly because, some of these diseases are not treatable and some are treatable.

But among all the diseases I have mentioned, I will like to highlight more on HIV/AIDS.
This is the most dangerous disease among all the diseases I have mention.




AIDS simply means that, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, and which is the final stage of the infection HIV.
And on the other hand, HIV simply means, human immunodeficiency virus and this is a virus that attacks our immune systems and if proper care is not taken, it can lead to AIDS.

HIV is treatable and when it get proper treatment, but when it turn to AIDS then it can not be treatable. And when that happen, you the one infected, your days are now numbered on this earth.

Now, I will like to talk about the SYMPTOMS OF AIDS/HIV.



Below are some symptoms of a person who is infected with HIV/AIDS.

  • Excessive and strange tiredness
  • Pneumonia
  • Fast in weight loss
  • Sores of the mouth and anus etc




There are a lot of causes of HIV/AIDS but I will just talk about some few things that causes HIV/AIDS. Below are some of the course;







I will say this is one of the main course of HIV/AIDS. In a sense that, if you are not lucky enough and you found yourself to have sex with someone who is infected with HIV/AIDS then you are lucky to be infected. So for you to be safe, then whenever you are to have sex, then use a protective.




Another cause of HIV/AIDS is poverty. And this is that, one is forced to do something he or she don’t want due to poverty. And one can be force to have sex with someone just to get money and he or she will end up been affected with HIV/AIDS.




Hmm this is so pity honestly. A lot of young girls are into prostitution and majority of them are been affected by HIV/AIDS. More times, they said the number of times you have sex, the more money you get. And they have sex with different men. And at the end of this prostitution, you end up been infected.

Ways that one can follow to prevent him or her self from this Sexually transmitted disease(STDs).
Below are some of the ways;

  • Avoid unprotected sex
  • Get yourself tested for HIV/AIDS
  • Limi the number or men or women you have an affair with




In conclusion, Sexually transmitted diseases are not good for human beings. One should stay away from all Sexually transmitted related activities. And with that, one is safe. Moreover, try to always have protected sex but not unprotected sex. I will end my saying, say no to all the Sexually transmitted related activities.
I will like to use this opportunity to thank everyone and especially you the one reading this post.
Thank you!!!!

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AIDS is real and yet people hardly give it the needed attention it deserves, probably because there’s more headaches for the world think about now. Irrespective we ought to protect ourselves.

If you are sexually at use protection, if you have multiple partners get tested, be faithful though but abstinence is key

You are right my dear. Thanks for that piece of advice. I really appreciate that my dear

Keep sharing friend. I did learn something. Let us all protect ourselves.


Beautiful and great awareness you have given us. You have actually done pretty well to talk about one of this sexually transmitted diseases.

You have done well in doing that. However, I disagree with you from the angle you are coming from that is Poverty and prostitution be the cause of HIV-AIDS.

Poverty is not what causes AIDS however, the inability to afford things like blade and using others that have been used buy infected person can cause AIDS. Therefore poverty is not the cause but the use of sharp object used by an infected person.