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Hello everyone,
Is another beautiful day and we give praises and thanks to Allah for all the good things He has done for us.
More over, I’m here to share with you guys how my day went.(28/12/2021).
So I wake up very early this morning because today was really going to be a busy day for me. So I wake up early to finish all my morning routine on time before I get to do the work I have for the day.
And today marks the ceremony graduation of my little sister. They we’re do ceremony graduation of their Quran recitation.
My kid sister finished reading the holy Quran.
So due to that, it was a great honour for us to attend the graduation ceremony.


So I had to finish my daily routine on time so that I can honer the invitation.
And because it was my little sister, my mother was there, a lot of our family members were there as well.
Everyone was happy to see the graduation of my little sister.


Meet my lily sister and my sweet mom

Everyone who happens to part in this graduation was happy and also all the invited guest.
I was the photographer.Lol.
My little got a lot of money. Because they we’re a lot of my people who came to the graduation because of her. If am not mistaken, there we’re almost hundred people came there because of her.
They came there because, there were looking her age and how she was able to finished the holy Quran at they tender age.


Over here, that was my mom, my little sister and that of our auntie

The graduation ground was full of people. I’m fact, everyone was happy. And it was even painful if you are not able to read the Quran. Mostly, the Mallams and the teachers of the Quran are evey happy when children like my sisters age are going to Quran recitation graduation. They use it as a platform to encourage people to be serious when it comes to leaning how to read the holy Quran.


There was this mallam who give the opening prayer. And also, he give an impressive and touché speech. And a lot of people who happens to be on the graduation ground was crying 😭 and also, I myself was crying.
And he ended his speech my saying " we shall all thru our best possible to be able to leaning how to read the holy Quran ".

Everything was just going on successfully. So it come to the Time that they we’re to award them with their certificate. And as that time, my mom sent to buy something for her by the time I retend, my sister was ready holding her certificate. In fact it was really a successfully one. So everything went on well. So after everything, my mom my sister when to greet my uncles and I took my motorcycle back to the house.

And this was how my day went. I hope you the one reading this post enjoyed reading it?

Thank you!!!!

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