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Hi everyone
It’s another Brand new day and I’m here to share to you people how my Tuesday went.(Hi everyone
It’s another Brand new day and I’m here to share to you people how my Monday went.(21/02/2022)

Today been Thursday, it was not all the busy for me and also I was not all the feeling well.
So due to that, I wake up very late today because I was not feeling well.

So I wake up some we’re 8:00 am and I wake up that time because I was not feeling well. So when I wake, I went straight to my bathroom and took my bath and after that, I went and prepared my breakfast.

So after I finished taking my breakfast, I went to the pharmacy to buy some drugs. Today is not just good for me at all.
From my house to the pharmacy was too far. Just I just manage and go for the medicine.
I was very lucky because after I took the medicine, I feel somehow okay.

So after everything, I dressed up and took my motorcycle so that I could go to school.
It wasn’t easy for me today at all. Because of my sickness, I was not all that active today.
Everything at school was just cool With me. And also, my co- teachers help me out because I was feeling well.
So I was still at till the first break.



This was doing the first break.

I was so lucky after I took the medicine, I was now feeling better. So after the first break ends, I was back to then class room and start my teaching. So I teach for like an hour, and I was there when our principal ask me to go home and rest.

So I took my motorcycle to the house. And I was there when my mom called me to go the store and monitor some things at the store.
We sold out some food stuffs to some Man. So I was ask to go and do the monitoring.



So after everything, I was able to do the monitoring very well and also to make sure that, they didn’t steal any.
So after everything, So when I get home, I took my bath and also take something and eat. And after I finished eating, I take in my medicine. And after I finished taking in my medicine,
I feel asleep.
I slept for awhile and when I wake up, I feel better. And I really thank God because the way I was feeling, it wasn’t easy at all.
And this was how my day went.


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Hello dear,

How are you doing? I am sorry to hear about your sickness, i wish you a speedy recovery, all the best and stay safe. Have a wonderful time

Thanks @nattybongo I really appreciate the love and care you always have for me. Much love and respect to you my dear