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Greetings everyone, I am delighted to share with everyone in this great community yet another exciting article of mine. I hope we are all doing great and hoping for the best in life. No matter the situation we are been faced with let’s hope for the best and everything will be alright. So far as the future is bright then we have hope to be successful.


I happened to take some long break from this platform due to certain reasons which were very pressing and urgent. I therefore had to take some Steem out to help solve those issues. My the Grace of the Almighty I am back and ready to stay forever and hoping to get great conditions. It is therefore my fervent hope that, I get the best of support on this wonderful platform so as to make my stay on this platform a successful one.


Some weeks back, I was very financially down and needed some funds to help solve certain pressing issues. During those days the platform was very difficult to get rewards or votes and for that matter I had to pending nor holding Steem or SBDs. I therefore had no option than to power down some of my Steem form my Steem power to help solve this issues. I have never seen or wished to see my self in such a situation but one doesn’t know what the future holds and for that matter we have to also be prepared for anything that comes our way. I am grateful that at least I had an option to get funds to help solve my pressing issues and others will wished to have such opportunity which they do not have. This has made very lucky to have been part of this great community over the past one year.


In my attempt to get back and kick start with work on this platform, another unfortunate incident occurred which was a hack on my account. It was very terrifying and heartbreaking to see my account been hacked my unknown individuals. It was very severe and I really thought I had lost it all. I therefore reported the case and did the needful. I was really hurt upon seeing how my account was gone and I thought all was lost. I did the necessary arrangements and reports to get my account recovered which took some few days. I couldn’t withstand the joy that was on face when I had my precious account back. I pray and hope it doesn’t occur again any time soon.

I therefore hope everything will go alright and I hope I get a good stay on this platform.
Thank you very much for your humble attention.

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Thank you for sharing with us, keep it on bro.