The Diary Game: Today's Update✌🏽 August 22nd: #club100

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Hello guys, welcome once again to my diary game post. I know it's been quite some days since I made a diary game post. It's been a little stressful for me so far, especially with my project but thankfully, I'm gradually sorting all that out.

Most of our lectures have ended so we have time to do a lot of personal things during the day.
However, we went for a class today, it was just one of those scheduled impromptu classes.
It was was long lecture, 3 hours and it's funny because it's always the same lecturer who keeps us that long.

during the lecture

It was a nice interactive class and it seemed it was our last lecture with him so we all did our best to jot down the things that seemed relevant to pen down, for exams sake.
After the class, I moved straight to my hostel to make food, I was starving. I cooked spaghetti, boiled eggs and cut some veggies too. It was superb and this combination is actually turning out to be one of my favourites.


I went back to campus to meet my friends. We went to a place just to play tennis 🎾. I don't know how to play it and I'm no fan of it but they really had fun playing. I was just sitting there laughing and passing comments.



After moving around with the guys for a while, I decided to go home and work on an assignment that we had been given some days ago. I started it but couldn't complete it so when I got home, I continued with it till I finished everything.

the assignment

Initially, I didn't wanna watch the Liverpool United match so I was playing FIFA. Then the game stopped abruptly so I was forced to watch the highlights of the first half of match.


I was very glad that we had finally gotten a win, a first clean goal and also a victory against Liverpool. After watching the first half highlights, I decided to watch the rest of the match. The latter minutes were frightening and full of anxiety for United fans but in the end, our faces lit up from sheer joy.

watching first half highlights

I guess that's that for my diary today. Hope your day was superb.... 🌝
Thanks for reading 📚.

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Your food will always draw me closer to your post. it is really rich in all the basic six food nutrients.

I am so happy you were able to complete your assignment. What tool did you use to extract the map?

United game was more than a surprise to me. They started aggressively and it ended well for them. Great game it was.

Thanks for sharing your day with us.

What tool did you use to extract the map?

We use the ArcGis

They started aggressively and it ended well for them. Great game it was.

I really hope it stays like this for the team, at least throughout most parts of the season and especially against the smaller teams.

ArcGIS is one of the tools I use in most of my map work. I am glad you are using it to.

Thank you for making another post and sharing with us. I entreat you to keep sharing more and power up.


Thank you for sharing stay engaging. Power up always friend. I wish you a good steem life🇬🇭

Thank you for your time. Keep posting on this special platform, steem on.