Reading and Commenting...Hectic Job! Still They Are The Best We Can Do To Help Grow Steemit Communities

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Reading and commenting on blog posts may be a time-consuming task. It is not easy to read all of the stuff shared in steemit and express your thoughts or comments.

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On most social media platforms, it's merely a matter of posting short remarks and photographs that anyone who wants to see can like or dislike. Because Steemit is a content-sharing site, you'll almost certainly need to read before you can make a relevant comment.

On the Steemit platform, It's easy to detect someone who doesn't read post but still wants to comment on a blog article. They leave comments that may or may not be related to the content that has been shared. Some people try to skim through a piece of content and select a segment or fraction of it to express their ideas. I've been guilty of skimming over content.

On Steemit, reading and commenting is a time-consuming task, but it is the best we can do to assist Steemit communities in growing. My reasons are that, first and foremost, they make the writer happy that people are interested in his work. This may encourage the writer or author to continue posting, which, in turn, will make the Steemit site highly busy, in my opinion.

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Those who receive few comments on their posts become discouraged over time.Aside the votes, comments people give on your post can greatly motivate you to keep posting on Steemit.

Furthermore, having a large number of comments on your post indicates that you have shared valuable or significant content. I'm convinced that an article with a lot of comments will attract more readers than one with none. I realized that by leaving a comment after reading a post, we can all benefit one another.

The most important thing is to read the content so that we can provide useful feedback. Knowing how important it is on Steemit, I will undoubtedly visit more posts, read them, and leave comments, and I hope we all do the same. Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

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