Purpose, The Most Important Thing That You Need To Discover For Your Life

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The late Myles Munroe said something remarkable about purpose" when purpose is not known abuse is Invetible. With this, he went into greater detail regarding the importance of discovering a reason for something's existence.
The reason of your existence is the first and most significant thing you must discover about your life. It's important to figure out why you were created in the first place.

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Your existence, the reason for your presence on this planet, is defined by your purpose. God never intended for someone to come to earth, live here, and then leave one day to return to an unknown location.

It will be awful to spend your entire life on this planet without learning why you were sent here in the first place. What matters more than who you want to be in life is your purpose. You may have wonderful dreams or visions, but if they are all unrelated to the cause for your existence, they will be a waste of time.

Success isn't just about achieving your goals; it's also about fulfilling your purpose. It's not just about soaring through academics and obtaining multiple academic credentials.

Those who have found and achieved their purpose on this planet are considered successful. Purpose defines what you are do or to accomplish here on earth while you exist. . If someone were to ask you why you exist or why you are here as a living human being, you would respond, "Why do I exist" or "Why am I here as a living human being." So, what's your response going to be?

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The majority of us have no idea why we're alive or what we're supposed to be doing. so they just follow what people say or the current trend in life. The reason we have gifts, certain abilities or talents are just to help us in the discovery of our God-given purpose. If no one tell you what you will become, whatever gift or talents you have can simply lead you or draw you to where God wants you to be.

Some people get carried away and channel their abilities or gifts into something unpleasant out of ignorance, and as a result, they end up diverting from their true purpose. This is why you should always be cautious with any gift or abilities you have so that you don't abuse a purpose.

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You have touched on one of powerful topics that is so important to talk about, you see, purpose of everything, our being and everything we are to do is linked to it. Thanks my dear for the nice write-up