Werewolf sketch plus the time lapse video

in hive-187593 •  7 months ago 

Happy new month friends, I wish you the best this December. As we start this new month, I would like to share my sketch time lapse video and progress shot for a werewolf with you.





I would advise that you get yourself a popcorn, turn off the light and relax as you watch the timelapse making of my werewolf sketch 🤪

Medium:- Pen and pencil on paper.

Thank you for viewing. Have a lovely month and the enjoy the rest of the year.

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Excellent drawing. I always wish i could draw like this but I can't, I therefore think i should come for tutorials from you.

Thanks for sharing

You just need to open up your mind and sturdy the structures and forms that the things around take, you would fine them very interesting.

Waoow that sounds interesting.

I will try that .