The Diary Game 25/11/21-Session of Presentation And Steem Talk With My Students

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This week has been interesting with my students since I've been able to get them actively involved in sessions of presentations on various technology topics. This month, I've been teaching them how to use presentation software, and it's been a fun pastime.

I made them form groups of five students to get them to participate actively and become highly familiar with the use of presentation applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint.

They were to conduct research and produce a presentation using the E-library on topics such as basic concepts and terminologies in ICT, hardware, and software. Each group was given a deadline to complete their study and a time to present their findings in class.

As a facilitator, I aided them in completing necessary work prior to the presentation day. In all, I expected them to accomplish much of the work alone, allowing them to explore and learn more.

I've had two weeks of engaging presentations with my students. Today was enjoyable since I sat at the back of the room, pretending to be a student watching the presentations. It brought back memories of my undergraduate days, when teachers did similar things.










This is something I'm doing to assist them in learning and honing their presentation abilities throughout the rest of their lives. These softwares or programs are utilized every day, and because they are employed in so many different fields, it is critical that they learn about them.

The teachings would not have been complete without a discussion about steem and Steemit. The majority of them have indicated a strong desire to leverage their creative work and expertise on Steemit.

Once we leave for vacation, I hope to help anyone who want to join sign up and begin their Steemit journey. Because of how quickly blockchain technology is gaining traction and being used in a variety of industries, I believe it is also vital for them to be aware of it.

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Thanks very much for introducing your students to Steem after teaching. It sounds great that in future they will join Steem.

My pleasure

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Well done to introduce steem to your students

I will try and join you next week to enjoy the presentation, continue the good job Sir Collins

Good Job my Friend, your Presentation about Steem To your Students.

Thank you my friend