Getting Ready For Christmas Break And The Beautiful Giant Christmas Tree Built By My Students

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Students commented after my lesson today, "we're tired, and it's about time we get some rest." They couldn't be more wrong; after being in school for three and a half months without a break, we're all exhausted this semester.

Getting up early every morning to do housework and make it to morning prep for an hour, followed by main lessons, which begin at 7:30 a.m. and last until 3 p.m., can be an exhausting day's activity. That is the way things are at the boarding house for students. Teachers, I must say, are equally exhausted.

There will be a Christmas break this week, and we will have some free time throughout the holidays. I'm hoping that our few days at home will be rejuvenating. Next year, we'll finish the semester before starting a new academic year, and I'm confident we'll have plenty of time to prepare before school resumes.

Christmas has already begun at school, where we celebrate it in our own unique style. Last week, a group of students came up with the brilliant idea of constructing a massive Christmas tree for the school. The team sought to be inventive by constructing the tree out of empty rubber bottles.




We have a lot of special containers in the school that we use to collect rubber items for recycling, so there were plenty of bottles to go around. The tree was successfully constructed, and the work was made easier thanks to the efforts of a group of instructors and students who worked together.


To give it a nice appearance, the tree was decked with lovely colored lighting. You'll never know what it's made of unless you look closely, but it's one of the lovely things we produced in preparation for the Christmas season.

I long to be home to celebrate the Christmas and can't wait to travel all the way to Kumasi where I will join my family and spend the holidays. I also hope you also enjoy yourself as well during the holidays. Merry Christmas!

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Very true @collinz Students mostly complain when getting to Christmas. Beautiful pictures, beautiful write up . You also have great passion for your job. I can see that. You have made good use of waste products. I am impressed personally. Thank you for sharing

Thank you too for your nice comment, it's an encouragement to me to continue doing more good works

You are welcome boss

This creation is so beautiful.. wow! I love to see students being creative, u have done well sharing with us, thank u my dear

Yes, there is always beauty in creativity

Wow I really love this ….at least for making something out waste is quite incredible…

I'm glad you love it, thank you

You welcome

Dear @collinz this is unique and I'm impressed...

Thank you @mreasy

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