Wisdom🧠🗣️Is A Principal Thing👌

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Hello lovely steem ghana members, i believe we are all preparing real good for the upcoming Xmas Holidays? You're welcome to my blog today, here's what i have for us!..


Wisdom & Wisdom As A Principal Thing👌


Wisdom implies that you learn how to take the knowledge given unto you and apply it to your life or make use of it positively and in a working manner, so that it profits/benefits you and both the lives of others.

Wisdom is like a key ingredients to success's. That's why many finds it difficult to make it in life or become successful. That's the more reason King Solomon admonishes us to get wisdom because it's not just a key to success but the Main Key.

However, Wisdom is a divine insight from God that concerns with how we should live and what brings success. It is actually like God's answer and solutions to our problems.
In the Book Of The Bible, King David taught his son King Solomon to, "Get wisdom, Get understanding, forget it not, do not decline the words out of your mouth".
And then accordingly to the [Proverbs 4:4-7 reads; _Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom , and in all thine getting, get understanding!!..

Knowledge and education have their categories for it is only through wisdom that one can be successful in life.
Knowledge is the means of adapting information or occupying information, Understanding is the interpretation of that accumulated information, but wisdom means applying or putting into practice the information that one understands.

Get wisdom today for it is a principal thing and it's profitable to direct, to all who needs it..!!
That's my all for today dear friends!👋
Hope you had a lovely time reading!..

Thanks For Your Attention!!.




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You need wisdom to sail through this life successfully and who better to seek it from than he who created his world?

It is a principal thing indeed, thanks for sharing this with us

Thank you for your time reading 🤝