The Diary Game: Recovery From The Harmattan Fever Of 3days Now

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Hello dear steemians, welcome to my blog. I hope you are doing well? I know you care so, I'm doing much better now.. Thank You!.

It haven't been easy for me for the past three days now as i have been experiencing a very difficult time bending to pick or sweep because of the headache, weakness and feverish condition.
Oh Yes! it's the harmattan's effect, and i know it equally happens to other people, if not cold, it could be cough, or fever.

I have been able to manage the condition and still do things. I can tell you and also prove to you but I'm not bragging the fact that I'm strong and don't easily fall ill.😁😁 I don't know but it seems to me that the lack of sleep I have been observing adds to this. I'd try to get some sleep tho.

Drugs are not my things as I'm allergic to them. I can only take herbs to take care of whatsoever that's worrying me at a particular time. You can see in the image below, I was only able to take few tablets of the prescribed drugs but took more of Panadol for the subsidiary of the heachache.



I know fruit can help in some way so I asked my aunt to please help me buy some. I was bought my favourite fruit watermelon and then carrot. I felt much better after eating



Please thank you for your care, I pray to be very fine and fit in the next minute!!.



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I am very sorry that you were sick. Your face even shows, but that God your are recovering. Try to take your medication and fruits too.

Thanks for your commitment to Steem.

Thank you for your concern
I'd try to take them, thank you once again

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Headaches can be tough.

Get well soon :)

Yes that's true
Thank you for visiting