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Before i proceed with this discussion, i would want us to first point out what success means. Through the definition we can be able to identify the mother of success and talk about it also.


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Success in its own dimension has vase definitions which partake to life activities like, business, academics, etc. The moment you start achieving greater plans, hitting off obstacles and standing fame to a decision, success begins thriving your way. The more yiu fail and keep trying the mire you move closer to your success lane.

In the above description, i hereby define success as the accomplishment of ones set goals, it could be a plan or attempt that produces a good result. Most times you have to fail as many times as possible in order to climb that success ladder, so that basically means that without failure there wont a success record.

From the explanations, it is clearly stated that "FAILURE" is the mother of success. Am going to be defining what failure actually is and why is being called the mother of success.



Its actually the "failing" am defining because a failure is he who stops to try or gets tired of trying. Therefore, Failure in the aspect of "failing" is the lack of success. Because he/she has tried possible means but still fails and couldn't achieve their desired aim.

I define "Failure" as the act or constant failing and can be viewed as the opposite of success. It can also be described as inability to meet up an intended expectation or a set goal.

Why Failure Is Being Labelled As The Mother Of Success

It is phrased this way because without failing you wont realize that you are making effort. Theres no successful man without a failure record. Lets take Abraham Lincoln for an instance, Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the united state from 1861 until his assassination in 1865. Abraham Lincoln failed 8(eight) elections, failed two business including other failures he faced till he opened up to learn from others that was how he was able to overcome his failures. And another thing that enabled him conquer failure was his humility to accept his failures.

In Conclusion:

Learn to accept your failures and never stop trying. A successful man never give up no matter his failures.

Thank you for reading

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It is said that if you try and it doesn't work try again, you haven't failed until you decide to quit

Exactly the point...
Thank you for your time..am honored

We all seek success and detest failure. You have shared a good content. Learning to accept failure and trying to attempt again is a plus to success. Keep sharing my dear

Thank you for your time...i appreciate