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Have you ever asked yourself this question "Why Me?"

Have you ever felt so down and devasted that your thoughts are clouded with emotions and your judgments null. Do you ever wish you were in another's shoes, living another's life and that yours is just pain

Well I say, "Why Not You?"

You have a duty to yourself to grow stronger and more resilient. What better way to do so than you face adversities and smile. We hear from saying 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger ' and I add that, difficult times make a man.



Your hard days are meant to shape you for the task ahead. As common yeast goes through a furnace to be refined into bread and as iron is subjected to heat and beaten into shape, so will you come out of tribulations stronger than before, ready to take the world head-on.

It might feel lonely at first. You may yearn to reach out to someone but no one listens. Your mind tells you that you are in this alone but trust me, you are not

There is always someone you can reach out to. Someone more than a friend who never tells on you. Embrace God and rest assured to come out stronger than you used to be. Hold steadfast to your ideals and never give up on yourself.

Always remember to keep on keeping on, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel

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Wow, that is a great piece of articel bro, it's really true, sometime you go through certain situation thinking that you are the only person in such condition until you realize that there are many more people in similar situation and even worse than yours. We just have to grateful and content in whatever situation we found ourselves in. Thanks for sharing this great piece bro.

I can relate. You just have to believe you will sail through and work towards it

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