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Hello Everyone,

So, we had been anticipating this mid-semester test for a week now. We were supposed to have it last week and it was rescheduled to today for some reason

You can imagine the amount of time and stress endured in preparing for this quiz. A whole week and more so one would say that I've got it covered.


With my course mate before the quiz

Fast forward, we sat down for the test at 10:30 am, highly poised and fully prepared. As soon as the paper was dropped before me, my mood changed.

The questions I saw were out of this world in my opinion. It was as if I had not done any studies in the past week. Suddenly, all I had already learned started fading away because of the surprise and uncertainty.

I have got to admit that, I haven't felt so lost writing a paper before. The sweat, the heat, the pressure of knowing very well that you are going to fail and can't do anything about it was sickening. I now understand why others claim it is harder to fail than pass a test.


Ordered food to eat

After the test, I was down all day. I didn't know what to do so I decided to treat myself to some Jollof hoping to enlighten my mood.

Well, the Jollof didn't help much. I resorted to watching movies to get my mind off it. Then I had an idea, why don't I watch The Dictator again to have a good laugh and take my mind off the test.

General Aladin did the trick as I laughed all the uneasiness away. The movie is quite old but still precious if you are in for a good laugh. I love to watch funny movies to ease tension occasionally. If you've got worthy suggestions, please let me know.

In the meantime, it's bye for now. Thanks for passing by

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I am sorry about the fact that you had to sweat a bit. It is normal in an examination, sometimes the one we think we have done worse will be better so do not worry much. Just do what you can to make things better in the next one.

I am glad you treat yourself with jollof to change the mood. 😅😅😅

It has become a habit. I treat myself to goodies whenever I am down. Surely, the next one will be better

Good to know

Campus life is always stressful. Take it easy and keep learning hard.

@juzkid upvoted you 😄🎉🎉

I will bigman. Once bitten, twice shy

Everyone feels uneasy in times of exams. I wish you the very best in your next exams. Keep sharing and enjoy steemit life.