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Hello Everyone,

I woke up today feeling very lazy. That is because I had been busy all week and somehow engaged with many activities overwhelming for one person. I haven't had an excellent 8 hours of sleep combined for the past two days.
Today was a lecture-free day for me but my body refused itself the sleep it desired since waking up early had become a thing for me now.

I lay in bed for a long time till I felt hungry and that was almost noon. But then, I had no food to munch into so I decided to wash up and go get myself some porridge and bread by the roadside.


Getting bread from this joint

After taking the porridge with bread, I felt heavy so I decided to just move out but then I thought to myself, 'why don't I just take this time to work on a field assignment which is due on Tuesday'.

The assignment is on Occupational health and hazards and I was assigned to visit the nearest meat shop to assess the workplace for potential hazards and risks. The outcome will be a presentation on Tuesday to tell the findings to the class.


View from inside the meat shop

I found the closest most active meat shop around. I didn't want to assess just any meat shop but a lively one for data credibility.

This particular meat shop has freshly killed cattle meat as the only thing going well for it. Every other factor that contributed to proper health and hazard elimination was against them. The windows were so dusty and most blades wrecked, the small water channel for carrying out wastewater was now a solid waste holder with no bin or waste collection system around.


View of the Refrigerator

The refrigerator had been out of commission for a very long time per the account of one of the meat sellers and no effort had been made to replace it since all cries to contribute to getting a new one have fallen on deaf ears.

This meant leftover meat for the day had to be carried back home or elsewhere to be stored and used for the next day. The tendency of being sold bad meat is highly possible as long as this issue is concerned.


I asked for personal opinions on hazards and risks facing the workers. Some raised the issue of working with sharp knives as a hazard and the risk of being cut by it was highly probably for an amateur. Some also mentioned that the ribs of some meats are very sharp and can meat through the skin just like a sharp knife.

My assessment there was an interesting one. Personally, I was convinced not to get meat there again but one respondent assured me I could also trust him to serve the freshest of meat anytime I come around. I doubt I would go there myself though

So my day ended with me returning home and working on my presentation. Thanks for your attention

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The meat shop is hygienic from my point of view and I hope it is when you got there? For the cutlasse I guess it will not even torch the meat and it will cut!!

How hope this the preparation towards Sunday 😜😋😋

Today was great

well done bro

Hi friend! Thank you for sharing with us. Why is the meat on the floor? Please check your tags and make the necessary corrections. Thank you for your time. Keep powerups to support the club initiatives.


The meat is actually placed on a table but I don't know know how often the tables are cleaned.
Thank you very much for the correction

I haven't had an excellent 8 hours of sleep combined for the past two days.

The last time I had a successful 8 hours sleep was when I was in primary school.

Kokotu porridge, did you buy pepper free or with pepper?

Don't like spice so I always go for pepper-free. Have you noticed you always feel sleepy after taking the porridge?

Seriously, you can’t do anything useful after taking the porridge.

and I thought I was the one at fault. I was asked to stand up in a lecture because I was dozing off after a porridge treat

Oh sorry to hear that buddy