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Hello Steemians,

I hope you enjoy my dairy.
I woke up early morning to prepare for an early lecture just to find out the lecturer was out of town, which meant only two more lectures to go. My next lecture was from 10: 15 am to 12: 15 am. I had ample time to read through my notes and take heavy breakfast, you know what I mean, but I headed off to campus

photo_5981243019610930354_y (1).jpg

On campus waiting for a lecture

I was early for the lecture as usual. After about 5 mins, no one had reported. That was when I realized the lecture might not come off as scheduled. A few of my colleagues joined me later as we sat under a tree waiting on the lecturer. It was unusual for that particular lecturer to be late.


Having a chat with a some colleagues

We decided to wait for 30mins before we called it quits. The conversation was so interesting that we lost track of time. The information came to us that the lecturer was also out of town. I guess today was out of town day for our lecturers😂

We saw a van unload a canopy and some tables and chairs. Within a short time, the canopy was set and ready for operation by Vodafone service personnel. I was enticed to buy and register another Vodafone sim for wifi purposes.


Vodafone sim registration ongoing

After the sim registration, I returned back to the hostel and was psyched not to boycott the last lecture also. The lecture time coincided with a virtual meeting with other university YouthMapper Chapters on a pilot project we planned to undertake. I don't know your choice but I choose the meeting over the lecture.

Screenshot (85).png

Attending the meeting via Google Meet

The meeting began as scheduled and was very interactive and insightful. Our chapter is new to such a project so we need all the help we can get, which means participating in all relevant events to the pilot project.

The meeting ended after about 45 mins. I had a call from a friend who was ill so I had to spend the rest of the day taking care of her till late at night.

That is how my day ended. Thanks for passing by

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Great day it was for you, I hope the SIM registration exercise was not tedious? I am still yet to register my.

Thanks for sharing.

It wasn't a hassle at all. only a few people were there

Good to know.

We become happy any time lectures are called off. But that is on the blind side anyway. Whatever he decides to teach, he gives it as an assignment. But what will a student do. You have to rest sometimes. Thank you for sharing with us. Remember to power up today in order to stay relevant. Keep sharing friend.


Once they avail themselves, the amount of stress they can take you through is alarming. Free periods like this gives us chance to recover on studies

Thank you for sharing your day with the house

Oh boy how I like it when lectures are cancelled, it’s a whole different feeling. When even I go to the WhatsApp group am looking for lectures have been called off😂.

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Thank you for posting in the steem Ghana community.

Thank you for sharing. You can also share with @amazing-ghana


Last minites things sweets you ooo eeh dadaada you are now doing your sim registration. You are lucky deadline no catch u😆😆

I wouldn't let the 1Gb data and free talk time pass oo

Bibini paaaa nie😆😆😆