The Diary Game - 19-06-2022- Attending Church Service And Commemorating Fathers' Day With A Get Together

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Hello Everyone,

Today being a Sunday meant having to attend church. Though a lot of students are still on vacation, those of us still around made it a point to convey and have a service.

We had planned to hold a small get-together to commemorate the Fathers' day after service today.


As the usual routine is, I had to wake up early to organize to set up the tent with a few other brethren for service. The church's building is at a statement now because we have exhausted the funds in our coffers.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-19 at 12.03.58 PM.jpeg

After Setting up the tent early in the morning

We set the tent as early as 6:00 am. Service started at 9:00 pm and closed by 11: 00 am. Now the fun of the day began which was the Fathers' Day celebration.

We have to convey at the premises of a selected member of the church to make preparations for the event.


Cutting up the goat for soup

The actual get-together started around 6:00 pm when all preparation was done. Both the guys and ladies helped in making that happen. The guys were in charge of killing and cutting up the goat meat for the soup as well as helping out with the banku.

The ladies prepared light soup, kebab, and okra stew to go with the banku. I don't want to make anyone salivate so I would hold the pics for when the meal was ready.

We had a great time eating, drinking, and bonding still evening came when we had to depart to our various destinations.

I got home by 8 pm and took my bath. I didn't even have time to look for something to eat because I was already full and tired from the stress of the day. I slept like a baby afterward.

That summed up my activites for the day

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The celebration is enough to light up your day. I guess you really enjoyed yourself. Nice pictures, great content. Thank you for sharing

thanks, man. I don't recall celebrating any Fathers' day other than today so it was quite the experience

Man of God Baako peh 😁. Save some of the goat soup for me buddy. Don’t forget 👀

you were the first I was looking out to for killing the goat then I remembered you left for Kumasi

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thanks for passing by

Fathers' Day are special. You guys really enjoyed. Are the ladies there to prepare for you or enjoy with you? Great meeting you. Share more bro.


ladies are also brethren. we were in it together

@amazing-ghana visited. You can also share with us😀

thanks, will surely pass by

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