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Hello Everyone,

Today was a rather busy day for me and some church colleagues who had devoted themselves to continuing the construction work on the church's building.

We were on a deadline to return the hired scaffolds before the next morning to escape additional cost on usage. We begin the work early morning.


Myself getting ready for work

I went to the market first to secure some trampolines to protect the cement and other materials against the rain, in case it did rain.

We took porridge and bread for breakfast before work started. Our activities for the day were mainly laying blocks, molding new blocks, and mixing mortar.


The mold squad

Thus we divided ourselves into three squads to get the work done. The weather was hot but conservations and arguments kept us going regardless.

We took small water breaks when fatigue set in and continued working afterward. Provision was made for lunch but we didn't anticipate evening to dawn on us which it did.


The laying blocks squad

All-day, we worked and conversed until work finally came to an end at 6:30 pm. Everyone was tired but we ad to convey the scaffolds back to the owner before we could call it a day.

I got home by 8 pm and took my bath. I didn't even have time to look for something to eat because I was tired and sleepy. I managed to visit this site and interact with a few users, mainly replying and commenting before I fell asleep while online

That summed up my activities for the day

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You really had an exhausting day.

you don't say

You are still on this church activity. I thought it would be just once. Friend, you are industrious. Keep up with the good work to help your church. Steem on