Movie Night With Department - GHABSA Week Celebration

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Image designed by me using Canva.

Week celebrations in school have become a norm for as long as I can remember. Even during my time in Junior high school, I used to witness a lot of hall week celebrations because I was staying on a college campus.

My dad at the time was working as the head of Peki Training College which saw us move to the volta region. Every year during that time, you’d realize a whole week was dedicated for either SRC (Student Representative Council) celebrations of hall week celebrations like Pitchford, Neal, among other.

At that time I wasn’t so grown but I still managed to enjoy those programs especially when it was time for the boys to play football and also when they had their parties.

Seeing this built some kind of good vibes and expectations for me, a kid who couldn’t wait and have same or better vibes in the university.


I’m in the university now and unfortunately for me my school is not one for many programs. I haven’t had the feeling of an SRC week celebration yet which is likely to change this year. It’s my third year and at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s no src week.

Since level 100 there’s been hall week celebrations that are quite interesting and department week celebrations. I don’t know why but even when there’s a program on campus there’s a low turn out and you can find students in class studying. I mean we should study but sometimes you should take the opportunity to relax and release stress. After all, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.😅


This semester in terms of programs has been better. I’ve had the chance to attend the school’s festival of colors and ssnit hall week.


First flyer for the movie night. Image belongs to ghabsa ckt utas.


This week is my department’s week celebrations, Ghana Biochemistry Students Association (GHABSA). There have been a number of programs or activities rolled out and yesterday, the 31st of August 2022 was ear marked for a movie night.


The second flyer for the movie night belongs to Ghabsa ckt utas. Shows the changed time


Immediately the flyer for this event came out, I told myself I was going to attend provided I didn’t have academic obligations. Thankfully, I wrote my mid semester examinations in the morning on Wednesday and had nothing on Thursday except a presentation for a mini project on Friday and Madrasa examinations during the weekends.

I jus my decided to use this time to rest since I wouldn’t be getting too much of it later. I initially thought the movie was to begin at 8:30 pm only to be told later it was a 7pm.

I was late by then but knowing Ghana and how we don’t respect time, I was quite relaxed😁. I got dressed and headed to the venue.

To my surprise the students present weren’t even up to 10 when I went that late. Well it was expected anyway🤧. Students here complain all the time about lack of programs but don’t attend when one is organized.


An almost empty venue upon arrival.


There was a movie being aired when I got there but it was ended few minutes later cos I think the few students there were complaining. I didn’t even get the chance to get the title of the movie.


First movie of the night playing.


A second movie was started entitled Time Jumpsers which looked interesting when it began not were we wrong.🤨


Time jumpers.


It initially began with a boy who lost his father I think in a war or something cos his father was military. He was living with just his mom and didn’t looks happy kid. He was bullied a lot in school by a bully who I’m guessing was a racist.

The boy was called Jay Quan. So one day after being bullied in school, he went home going through his dad’s stuff and found this strange looking ball with time stamps on it. He rotated the movable part and pressed it. He then realized he had gone a day back in time and couldn’t believe it.


Quan in class


He did it again only to be sure it was real and it was. He got to school and like always his bully was ready for him.




We were served with refreshments during the second airing.

He grabbed his lunch and sat in the cafeteria. A girl walked up to him and while they conversed, Quan’s bully walked up to him and poured a drink on his cap. He was pissed and went back in time to get back at him.

The girl sat with him, and before his bully came, he did something that saw him trip and fall. Quan was happy after but didn’t expect what happened next. He was punched to the floor.😅

School closed and his mum came for him. They had a nice time and went home. In the evening his bully took things too far by coming to his home and beating him. Quan’s mom was in the shower and rushed out when she heard the noise. Quan came with his dad who was an even bigger racist.

He shot at Quan’s mum and left her bleeding. He wanted to shoot Quan as well but his son stopped him and they left. Quan called for an ambulance and realized he has a time machine. He didn’t expect what happened next.😒


Other students came to join soon after the second airing began.


The time machine doesn’t go back in time to saves life and after o many tries he realized that and had to just give up. He cried so much till the police arrived to offer their help. He was taken away and I didn’t understand what happened next.

It appeared a look into the past was done and we saw Quan’s dad with the time machine. Things got worse after. The movie became a cartoon😂. Strange scenes which tried to explain how the time machine came into existence.


We changed the movie again and attempted to watch Sweet Girl.

While this movie was aired, we had faults with our speakers and so we had to get them replaced. We went on a 10-15 minutes break. During that time, we tried to play a dare or dare game but it wasn’t encouraging so it was just used for music and dance.


On break.


Sweet girl is about a girl who lost her mum to cancer by bad actions of higher authorities. Her dad tried to get her justice but to no avail and after her death he got a call from an unknown person who promised to give him proof that he could use to get justice.

During that meeting with the person, they got attacked and his source was killed. He would have been badly beaten or killed if his daughter didn’t show to help him out but this still didn’t help. They were both beaten.


Watching sweet girl.


I didn’t stay long for this one because we developed another fault and my friend who came later to join me suggested we just leave cos it wasn’t that interesting.

We left to our hostels and that’s how my department’s movie night ended.

Thank you.

All pictures unless stated otherwise are my own taken with my phone.

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The last one is quite interesting if you follow the story.. it's kinda tricky.
I can't really ask if you had a good time because it doesn't look like you did , changing movies, generating faults. I think for a program like this one, you choose a movie which will be cherished by almost 80% of those watching, you don't have to keep changing. Some people look for drama in movies, others look for action, others look for clues, others learn history, others love movies that twist the goes on and on.
And you saying people don't come for programs, don't you think these are some of the reasons they don't come? It's not really fun or hyped to expectation.. and it would've been a waste of time coming there because you generated a technical fault afterall...
But "I hope you had a good time?"😅

I didn’t quite enjoy it but just wanted to take a day off of studies. It was hyped on our pages but this school just treats programs differently.😂

The movie selection wasn’t done properly and the arrangement was poorly made. And you’re right in saying that’s why people don’t probably come for programs.

Sweet girl and Time jumper seems to be an interesting movie only that time jumper became a cartoon and also the speaker is faulty. You might not have the best time there but I'm sure you would enjoy the little time you spent with your friend, watching movies, playing games, singing to music and dancing. Thank you for sharing.

The GHABSA that I Know on CKT-UTAS campus is a vibrant association and is cherished by it members. I can boldly say it was the best department on campus during our year. I believe it is still vibrant and the biggest association on campus?

A movie night as part of it week celebration is a great idea that should be cherished by it members. However, looking from the pictures you took, it seems the place was barley 1/4 full. What could account for that?

I do not understand how the entertainment committee of the association selected the movies to be watched. In cases like this the movies to be showed has to be watched by few members of the committee to come to conclusions that this is what will be showed. This would have prevent the continuous change in movies that occurred that night.

It is rather unfortunate that the power supply was not consistent to enable you guys to have a great time. I believe it is normal in our part of the world. Also considering association like GHABSA the resources I think is not enough to privately supply power through out that night.

In any case I really liked the second flyer the association came up with. Thanks to the organizers of the program for making it a success.