Why You Need to Get Your Eyes Checked

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Greetings to all and sundry,

It is another beautiful day today and as usual we are coming your way once again with an interesting and fun health discussion to get us all stimulated in the right ways.


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We do hope that you enjoy the read and that you get something from this also. We are grateful to you for even making time to visit this post. So for our discussion today we want to give you some reasons that would hopefully get you to patronize eye care.

Why Check Your Eyes

According to the American Academy of Optometry and Ophthalmology, ideally we ought to check our eyes atleast every year or so and our eyes check ought to start from when we are young, infants on our mothers lap, babies going for antenatal care.

But in our modern day society people only seek care and help when there’s something wrong, we practice cure medicine instead of preventive medicine. Which is not beneficial to us. And so the first reason why you should get your eyes checked would be so you can prevent health issues from occurring even before they do.

Ashe other would be the fact that early detection is always ideal and the best when it comes to treatment and management of cases generally. This cuts across all genre of health care and the eye is not exception. Early the better.


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Diseases like Glaucoma can hide and cause damage till is too late whereas conditions like Uveities causes drastic damage within the shortest possible time. In both instances early detection and care would save your sight and a whole lot of damage from occurring or even progressing.

The last point I am going to raise will be the fact that the eye is a diagnostic tool for a horde of systemic conditions and that you may have given yourself and an opportunistic diagnosis through your eye checkup which could literally save your life.

The delicacy of the eye as an organ is such that any minute changes can be seen on the eye and when done right, comprehensively then the ey can be use for diagnose thyroid conditions, cardiovascular conditions, nervous conditions, even impending strokes etc.


And so love the idea of going for an eye checkup, it shouldn’t take long however the benefits are numerous. And so whiles you take good care of your eyes, see your optometrist atleast once every year for a comprehensive examination and as I said you may have just saved your sight, perhaps even your life.

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We are grateful once again that you could join us for today’s session. We wish you all a wonderful time
And a happy weekend ahead. Stay safe and stay tune

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Thanks for the education.

You are welcome Sir

Excellent entry, glucoma is one of the bad disease and I will not want any body to suffer from. I will also advice those already suffering from it to seek medical attention.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your time Sir, we indeed wish all good health always

No doubt about that.

Mostly people don't pay much attention to their eyes, with this series of education by @bettervision I hope they change for good. It is always with great joy to read such a post from you, I learn a lot from it. Keep sharing and thanks for sharing too

It is a pleasure to know that you are committed to healthcare, thank you for the time and we wish you best of luck

Really! So we must check our eyes every year? Thanks to know about that. In our parts we only attend to our eye when it is paining. Thank you for the post.

@juzkid upvoted you 😄

Yes quite unfortunately that’s the way things are done by many however we hoping to change that with our series, thank you for passing by

You are welcome