One day to go for the Phase Two of the Free Eye Screening Exercise in Kumasi

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Hello guys,

Hope we are all doing well and having a wonderful time. In our previous article we informed you off the first phase of the free cataract screening exercise ongoing in Kumasi and the various places we visited and what to expect for the days to come.


This week we started phase two of the program and did well just as scheduled. Please find the schedule for phase two below;

27th JuneMondayOforikrom, Humul - Qura
28th JuneTuesdayTafo - Maalam Lamin Mosque
29th JuneWednesdayManhyia North Premier Nursing Training
30th JuneThursdaySuame - King Faisal JHS
2nd JulySaturdayKwabre - Sad Islamic School

As it stands now we are almost at the 1000 quota for this week and the last day would be this coming Saturday. We hope to see some of you steemians pass by for free eye care and medications and glasses that may be needed. The support so far has been amazing and the attendance great and for that we are grateful for all both and off the blockchain.

A Gentle Reminder, the program starts at 8am in the morning and we bring things to a close by 3pm in the evening. Thus we entreat you to make it a point to come early if you would want to come and do well bring your friends and your neighbors because your vision is our priority just as our motto goes.

Gallery for Phase 2











Remember to stay safe and continue to enjoy the week. Also, aside note, your health is your wealth just as we always say, remember to take good care of yourself and we look forward to another wonderful time with you.

Thanks to all our supporters and donors and well-wishers over the years. God bless you all

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Thank you very much for the good work that you are doing, keep it up

You guys are doing super excellent work. I believe your rewards will surely come.