Inflammatory Eye Diseases - Conjunctivitis

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Greetings to all and sundry,

It is another beautiful day today and it is such a pleasure and a privilege to come your way once again with another education lesson or health session as we always do. Before we move on to today's topic or discussion though we do hope that you our lovely supporters, followers, and donors are having an amazing time.


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For today we are starting an educational series on inflammatory diseases or conditions that affect the eye and the first one we would be tackling today is that of the conjunctiva. The Conjunctiva is a part of the anterior portion of the eye, it has its functions or purposes it serves and it is well vascularized hence the possibility of inflammation.


Inflammations are the system's way of helping to correct wrong happenings that come into our system, it may be a way to ward off foreign bodies introduced into our system or a way to fight bacteria and other microbes and an act to help with the healing process as a result of an injury or a breakage somewhere in our system.

Ideally, inflammations come about for good purposes for the betterment of our systems however the process tends to come with some cardinal points which are quite uncomfortable for us, and in some situations, inflammations can go overboard and cause harm to us instead of trying to be better or do better for us.

This is why it becomes important inflammations and their processes are checked by your physician to prevent damage and also to make its unfavorable effects subside to enable us to be able to be active and do whichever work we may have to do.


Conjunctivitis as the name suggests is an inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye. This is a very common occurrence and is popularly known as red eye or pink eye amongst both practitioners and the general population alike.


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Conjunctivitis can be a signal to a myriad of things happening within the eye and can range from damaging conditions like uveitis to just sand getting into the eye. It is mostly one of the first signs that tell one that something is wrong with the eye and that a professional needs to look at it for your safety.

Conjunctivitis is treatable or manageable and thus one shouldn't go through pain for no reason. We mustn't treat it as a normal happening as many do just because they see the eye get red often, he or she may be like, it is will go or it will subside however if it tends to be something more serious then you could damage your eye or your vision.

Signs and Symptoms

Some common signs and symptoms include;

  • Pain
  • Redness of the eye (visible in the mirror)
  • Burning Sensation
  • Inability to open the eye well or close the eye due to the pain
  • Etc.


Depending on the underlying cause of your conjunctivitis, your optometrist may give you some steroids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs either to take orally or by drops, mostly by drops though. You may also be given any additional medication that may help with any other symptoms you may present with as a result of the inflammation.


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As already stipulated, conjunctivitis is quite treatable and thus we advise you our dear reader to make it a point to seek out the needed care as soon as you notice any of the things described in this article today. We hope you have a wonderful time, thank you for passing by, and stay safe.

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