Free Health Screening with Abuakwa Community, 29th November - 3rd November

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Hello to all and sundry,


It is always a pleasure to come to you with our exciting free health screening programs especially in these times as we get closer to Christmas and a time of cheer. We are by this post informing all our beneficiaries and benefactors, supporters and volunteers that we are having free health screening exercise this week.


Images from today (Day 1), Arriving at the venue with intern Regina

The program is been done for the community of Abuakwa and it going to be held at the Abuakwa Community College University within the town. There going to be free medications, reading glasses and free referral programs as we usually do and we look for to your patronage as always.


Images from today (Day 1), Patients checking in

We would also like to use this opportunity to express our appreciation to @chriddi for his delegation and support and to the entire team of #wox-helpfunds, @the-gorilla @the100 @adeljose @sultan-aceh @xpilar for their support thus far and to @pennsif for being with us from the very beginning. To @steemcurator01 for his love and support.


Images from today (Day 1), Patients waiting to be seen by Optometrist

We invite all steemians in and around the vicinity to come around for their free health screening. We look forward to a successful week and we do hope you have a wonderful time.

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Very Weldon sir you have taken very nice Photography and excellent post I appreciate your work

Great job bro. The eye really needs special care and attention because once it gets a defect or becomes disabled it becomes difficult to heal or replace.

I wish I was around to to stop by, Abuakwa is a big town and where I come from. Well done for this outreach

when are organizing some for steem members here in ghana,,we need clear eyes to be writing

nice write-up thanks for sharing with us

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