Computer Vision Syndrome

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Hello to all,

It is another beautiful day today and we are very much privileged to have this opportunity to come your way with another one of our lessons on ocular health. Before we move on to today's discussion though, we hope you our dear reader is doing amazing and having a great week so far.


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For our lessons today we want to look at one of the rising conditions among the population of our contemporary society with regard to technology usage and how best we can protect ourselves from this impending pandemic. We hope you enjoy the read and that you get to learn a thing or two from today's session.


The world we live in today is full of beautiful and amazing technology, things that would keep you in awe or thinking of how cool the very near future would be. But unfortunately almost every good invention or update comes with certain downsides which when not looked at and dealt with accordingly may sometimes pose serious issues for us.


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One such issue is the effect that technological tools are having on our eyes now which is sending may others to the Optometrist at an alarming rate. This effect has been looked at and studied by ocular health researchers and scientist out there and was finally concluded on as a syndrome which arise from the use of computer, hence the name computer syndrome.

It must however be noted that when we use the term computer in this instance we are not only referring to your laptop or desktop dell laptop in your office but all technological devices with emphasis on those that have screens. So it could be your TV that you spend more than half of the day behind, or your smart mobile phone which has your screen time to be 20 hours out of the 24 hours etc. The more time you spend with these tech tools, the higher your chances of developing this syndrome.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Just as the name suggests it's a syndrome which may manifest in different people in different ways however can be extrapolated and diagnosed through series of tests and questions by your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist. Computer Vision has to do with discomforts that comes about with regard to your eye as a result of frequent usage or long exposure to to technological devices.

The syndrome is known to be very common among computer scientist, computer engineers, banker tellers, students and lecturers etc. Basically people whose day to day activities centers around computer or tech screens. Computer vision syndrome is very well treatable or manageable and may not pose so much threat to your vision as compared to other diagnosis however it should not be taken lightly or for granted owing to the fact that compounded effects on the eye can be detrimental.


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  • Symptoms

Some of the symptoms you may experience includes burning sensation on the eye, increased sensitivity to light such that you find it difficult looking at the screens without tearing or suffering or been in pain, some people report headaches with computer usage and after usage, some few report of diplopia and some others also report of redness of the eye whenever they have to use tech screens.

  • Management

The treatment protocol may vary from person to person based on the symptoms they may be presenting and whatever your Optometrist sees upon examining the eye. However, we believe these general tips may be beneficial to all and as such we encourage you to make efforts to apply them.

20-20-2e0 rule says that whenever we spend about 20 mins looking at screens we should take 20 seconds of our busy schedule to look at something 20 feet or 6 meters away to help our eyes relax a bit and also calm the accommodative system down. Patients who made efforts to practice this reported of a relieve in their symptoms.

Blue-Block Lenses, we spoke this in our previous post, the blue-block lenses were specially made to help with blue light which causes damage to the eye, this light is known to be emitted from tech screens and so the more of them you keep away, the better your symptoms get, give them a try, the reports have been very positive so far.

Improvised Hardware and Softwares, softwares such as f.lux automatically turn up the warmess of your screen based on the time schedule to release the strain that gets into the eye, some tech have also added blue blocking filters to their screen to help their users with computer vision syndrome. You may take another look at the tech you buy if they have eye protective features, they may do you a lot of good.


And so that is what we have for you today, we do hope that you enjoyed and that you got a thing or two from what we had to share and learn today. Computer vision syndrome can be very disturbing and uncomfortable and yet very manageable or treatable.


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Seek help, visit your nearest eye care facility for care, when in doubt always ask but do well to ask the right people or person. We do wish you the very best and we hope you continue to have a wonderful time. Stay safe and stay blessed.

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Computer vision syndrome is of great interest to everyone who use these electronic devices. Let's learn from these and ensure we do not cause harm to ourselves because it is treatable. Excellent and thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing 😄🎉🎉