Common Reasons For why You may be Experiencing Pain in the Eye

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Greetings to all and sundry,

It certainly has been quite a while and we are happy to be able to come your way once again today with our ocular lessons for healthy living. Before we move on to today's discussion though we do hope you are all doing amazing and having a wonderful time.

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We would like to also use this opportunity to express our profound gratitude to all our supporters and benefactors for the love, care, and support we have received over the years. We humbly ask that you continue to be with us so that together we may achieve greater heights.

So for our topic of discussion today we want to look at some common reasons why you may experience pain in your eye and what you ought to do next when it happens.

Dry Eyes

Let's begin with one of the most prevalent conditions across the globe now, Dry eyes. If you are experiencing a painful sensation in the eye then you could be having dry eyes. Some quick questions to cross-check your eligibility for the condition would be how your eyes are exposed to the environment.


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Do you work in an airconditioned environment? Do you work with smoke? Do you drive? How about your sleep, is it enough? Do you have burning sensations too and if so do you end up tearing? If most or some of these turn out to be true there is a chance you could have dry eyes.

But that is not just it though, your optometrist would perform additional tests to verify the diagnosis and give you the needed treatment based on the severity to get you going.


Uveitis is an inflammatory condition and it can be quite harmful or deadly if not dealt with right, some people have lost their sight as a result of uveitis so do not take your pain for granted. Pain as a result of uveitis would also come with blurred vision and depending on the type of uveitis your blurriness may differ, some may be mild others very drastic and bad.


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Pain with uveitis is normally rated by patients from 8 and above when asked to rate on a scale of 1 to 10. You would also have red eyes or pink eye especially when it is anterior. The best way to go would be to take the steroid approach however you should leave that to your OD to get that done for you. You should get better in some days to come.

Acute Glaucoma/ High IOP

One other reason why you may be experiencing pain or pains in your eyes may be as a result of your intraocular pressure going above the 30s. In most cases, this tends to be an acute situation and this kind of pain is mostly seen in acute close angle glaucoma cases. However, there are so many other factors too that can cause your IOP to rise sharply within a short period.


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This includes trauma to the eye as well as a general rise in systemic pressure. Some drugs may also give that kind of effect too. So when your pressure is quite high and you present to the OD he or she is likely to check your IOP first before executing another test to ascertain what could be going on.

If your pain is a result of the sharp rise in IOP or your IOP has just been generally too high for the eye then you may be given eye drops to help lower it as well as systemic drugs such as Diamox to help bring it down. It is quite effective though however note that in these cases when left unattended it could bring about damage to the optic disc leading to the death of nerve cells and resulting in Glaucoma


It is thus of utmost importance that should you experience anything of that sort or nature you seek out care from your primary healthcare provider thus your Optometrist, should the case warrant surgical intervention you may be referred. However, the most important thing to note from our discussion today is that painful eyes could be a myriad of things.

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And as such you ought not to wait it out telling yourself it would go away, rather you should seek care right away. Remember early intervention saves sight. A healthy life is a good life. Thanks for reading and for your time. Stay Safe.

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Wow!!!, this is very educative, thank you for making us learn from you you are really imparting us alot.

I find myself to working in an air conditioning environment and the points you listed out there are just what I am experiencing. I guess I would have to quickly seek medical attention from my medical optometrist.

Great work and thanks for sharing.

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