Cataract - What You Need To Know

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Greetings to all and sundry,

It is indeed another beautiful day today and we are happy to come your way once again with another wonderful session on our ocular health. The rainy seasons are heard and it is these times that infection conditions spread the most, let's beware and be safe.


Today we are going to talk about a common or popular condition known as 3t3 in our local dialect, otherwise known as cataract in the Queen's language. This condition has some myths surrounding it and many people fall prey to unorthodox care which results in serious damage to their ocular health resulting in blindness a lot of times. Hopefully today we get to know better and do better.


Cataracts or 3t3 as we know it is simply the clouding of the lens of the eye. The lens that's within the eye enables light to pass through to get to our retina for us to be able to see well or see at all, when this process is affected any way vision suffers terribly.


What happens is that the lens' lifespan or cycle and how it functions is such that when it undergoes metabolic processes it keeps its waste or by-products unlike in the case of other cells or tissues which excrete them via different means. And so as you grow the by-products compound and it brings about opacities in the lens with time.

It is this opacity that we refer to as cataract until the point where this opacity is enough for surgical intervention it is considered immature and normally health practitioners would not touch it until more by-products are added up and opacity increases, this way patients get to appreciate the works better.

Signs and Symptoms of Cataract

Due to the opacities that the lens is presented with, light passing through the eye is scattered and shaded, the light wavelengths are also affected in different ways. And so some of the commonest reports you would hear and what you are likely to observe include;


  • Cloudy vision

  • Spiderweb vision

  • Vision not clear

  • Inability to see at night

  • Seeing a white appearance in the eye with light examination

  • Fundus reflex dull or absent


At this point I need to hasten to add that, cataract has no cure whatsoever except with that surgical intervention. The process is simple, it takes just a day and it is very very safe with an over 90% success rate. The opaque lens is simply removed and a new one is placed inside.

Please please and please do not use any herbal drugs or products on the eye, many people have lost the residual sight they had as a result of this, most of these products being sold by different people out there contain acids and base substances which don't take kindly to your cornea, and so, in the end, you end up losing the small you had.


Your vision is your light, please be particular about it and take good care of it. When in doubt consult your doctor. Avoid over-the-counter drugs and herbal products and drugs sold in public transport for the eye. We hope that you our dear reader learned a thing or two from our lesson today. Thanks for your time and for passing by.

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