Bettervision Outreach was a huge successs, thanks to all our sponsors and supporters

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Today we are happy to announce that the bettervision outreach which was announced in our previous post as can be found here went on very well and ended up quite the success.



A total of 60 school children were taken cared of alongside 12 teachers. Those who were found to be in need of spectacles or glasses were scheduled to receive free spectacles on Monday when the team visits them once again for retinoscopy.

Others who need further care and referrals and were sent off to the nearest eye clinic after the ODs available were contacted and the necessary information given to facilitate the health care process.

Pediatric care is one of the very crucial and important ones when i comes to the field of eyecare, this is because as the child grows and the brain develops it familiarizes itself with so many things and when the wrong impulses or blurred images or received it could have lasting effect on the child's life.



Then again there is the academics where most kids especially the nearsighted kids tend to suffer in class due to not been able to appreciate what is been taught, in the developing nations these children end up been tagged as dull whereas it may not be the case, something a simple lens could fix.



It is for this reason why we continue to do this on a regular basis, bringing light and smiles to the faces of many both young and old and it is also for this reason why we truly appreciate the love and care and support we get from you all. Thank you for supporting and trusting and promise to continue to give you our very best. Stay safe and have wonderful time.

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Thanks for your time

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Stop, stop, stop, please!

Unfortunately, you misunderstood our donation vote: We wanted the people who supported us to vote on who gets their TRX.
After your call, users from your community are now coming, writing bettervision without even reading the post, without looking at the other options. That is not fair!
We also want to support the new app SteemPoll, where you have to log in via Steem Keychain. This is the correct link:

I honestly don't know how to deal with all the votes now.
Well, if you've read the post, you know that the two organisations that came in last will receive 500 TRX.


@chriddi, Admin of @deutschunplugged

Thank you sir and sorry for the misunderstanding, the post will be edited accordingly to explain things better and the call will also be edited accordingly.

Sir Chriddi is a lady.

The initiative is good. Thanks you @nattybongo for your initiative