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Good day steemians, hope this post finds you well. It is a natural thing for every individual to strive for success. In my years on earth i am yet to come accross a single individual who will boldly say i don't want to be successful. However it is not everyone that fulfills this dream. The honest question to ask is "What are the successful people doing right?". And if there are things they are doing right, can't they be taught in schools?

Upon deep reflection and observation you will realize that success comes with certain lifestyles. Yes the successful people are certain things right. These these are not out of this world but this we are all aware of. We are need to cultivate certain habits which will help us in our bid to be successful.

● Hard work and determination: the basic requirement of success is hard work. Lazy people hardly become successful. Succces is always the reward given to hard working people. When you put in the hard work you need to be determined. Hard work will give you the good start but determination will take you to your deserved point.

● Being Disciplined: Discipline attracts success. Being discipline is another habit you need to have in your quest to being successful. You have to stick to yohr principles in life.

● Being Willing to learn at all times: one secret to success is willingness to learn and correct yourself. You need to be ready to learn new things always. This helps you avoid making and repeating mistakes.

● Saving and Investing: these are two good weapons you need in order to be successful. You need to have a percentage you save for future emergencies. As you save you need to invest, investing will help you grow your wealth while savings won't. So you need to invest in very promising projects in order to make more. However you need to avoid Investing in things you have no understanding about.

In order not to get boring i will end the first part of my write up here. So stay tuned for the second part.

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The only way to be successful in life is to be saving and spending within your limit.