The Diary Game- My Wednesday Activities.. Went to GhanaCard office At Keyase

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Good evening everyone, it been a while I shared with you my diary game write ups. Well, something kept me busy and I’m very glad I’m back once again. Just as I always says every day gives us an opportunity to discover new things just as the sun always gives out its lights, we will surely shine to matter what.

I had a very good day and this is how it all happened. Work officially resumed today for me after the Xmas break and I needed to go to office and make sure the office is open for cleaning and mobbing. So early in the morning, I went there and unfortunately, I couldn’t meet the cleaners so that will be tomorrow. So from there I called my brother who wanted me to vouched for him to get his Ghana card., so I called him to meet at the office so I can do that for him.



 Around the office

We went there around 10:30am and because of the cue over there, we have to returned around 3-4 .
In the long round, he got registered and the collection of the card will be on Friday.
We thank then returned back home and enjoyed some meal. Indeed I was hungry 😋.
Later in the evening I watched Nigeria Vrs Guinea Bissau Match.


This in summary was my entire activity for the day and I’m glad it ended well too.
Goodnight to you all.

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You had a great day bro

Congrats boss

Thank you